ABC Will Make History Next Season

by Celeste Mora

ABC is making not one but two comedies about interracial relationships next season, and both have prominent African American women at the helm. Eve will be producing and starring in a new yet-to-be-named project, and Whoopi Goldberg with producing a second. At a time when diversity on television is finally being questioned, these two comedies are very welcome on the small screen. We're looking forward to seeing how the plot is shaped, but we're already getting excited for the representation of more interracial relationships on TV, and in adorable commercials like that Cheerios ad that made racists angry. Maybe great TV shows can even convince the cast of Anchorman 2 to stop making cringe-worthy choices when it comes to interracial relationships. It's 2013, after all.

Before we start shipping Eve and every available actor, though, let's take a moment to recognize the great interracial TV relationships that have happened in the past. There have been many fantastic interracial rom-coms in the past, but rarely have they happened twice in a season on the same network. And, since we're talking about comedy, let's leave aside the (riveting and completely unforgettable) dramas like Scandal for a moment. So what are we left with?

Some were lasting, some were fleeting, but most made us smile, especially the ones that involved Donald Glover. Here are a few of the interracial relationships that have made television a better place.

Lucy and Ricky, I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy broke a lot of comedy rules, and it was the first major television show to feature an interracial marriage. If you've never seen it, it's time to catch up on some TV history. So stop re-watching old seasons of How I Met Your Mother and watch this instead.

Gloria and Jay, Modern Family

Gloria and Jay's marriage is definitely an outlier from the TV sitcom norm. They are decades apart in age, have a blended family, and fight a lot, yet are deeply in love. And now they even have little Joe Fulgencio now, who is adorable.

Mindy and everyone, The Mindy Project

Mindy has dated a bunch of different guys over the course of her Project, but I think we all know the one she's headed toward. Mindy and Danny, it's time to make adorably short children.

Troy and Britta, Community

Troy and Britta are the quirky couple you want to play charades with. They have silly inside jokes, and generally make love fun. However, underneath all of the adorable hugs and cute jokes, they had some problems, which is why Troy pulled the "let's just be friends" in Season 4. Maybe this "reboot" season will make everything better and bring them back?