How To Build Your Perfect Groutfit

by Amanda Richards

In order to understand the necessity of a post that's entirely dedicated to plus size groutfits, you first have to understand the origin story of how I came to know about the existence of the groutfit in general. A few weeks ago, I sent my 22-year-old sister a photo of my outfit, which happened to be all gray. She said, "Looks cute, nice groutfit." Groutfit, I thought to myself, What could that possibly mean? Does it mean "gross outfit," or perhaps it's a hybrid for 'great outfit?'"

Panicked in my lack of understanding of what seemed to be a casual observation, I decided to call her immediately. "What do you mean, 'nice groutfit,'" I asked her, hoping for a positive response. "You know, an entirely gray outfit. It can be any shade of gray, but the key is that it's totally gray," she said. "That's a groutfit."

Sure enough, the groutfit is a thing, made particularly popular with the advent of all-sweats athleisure in the last year or so. It also probably has something to do with Kim Kardashian, who I often see sporting some version of a groutfit on her Instagram feed. Whatever the cause, the groutfit is one of the biggest trends of the fall and winter season, and luckily, there are plenty of ways to perfectly execute the groutfit in plus.

1. The Dress

Junarose Roll Neck Swing Dress, $69,

One of the fundamental building blocks of any groutfit, a gray dress is of the utmost important. As the trend seems to swing towards the more casual side of things, this gray dress in an oversized soft-knit jersey is absolutely perfect.

2. The Coat

Zizzi Short Scuba Coat, $104.90,

A gray coat is a crucial layer for any groutfit that makes it debut during the colder months and luckily there are plenty of cool options available. My favorite is this coat, with contrast details and open pockets that make the style slightly more casual than your average pea coat or trench.

3. The Sweatsuit

ASOS Curve Lounge Top, $36, and Wide Leg Lounge Pant, $40,

Coordinating athleisure is at the heart of the groutfit trend and, frankly, I was surprised to find such a cool one in plus sizes. This look is perfect for the upcoming months, when we all want to feel warm and cozy without deviating too much from intentional stylishness.

4. The Coordinate Set

'Irreplaceable' Long Sleeve Two Piece Set, $37.50,

I think of high-stretch jersey bodycon like this as a slightly more polished alternative to the sweatsuit above, without sacrificing the overall comfort. Coordinate sets have the added bonus of being an all-in-one groutfit without too much thought.

5. The Tee

Merona Favorite Grey V-Neck Tee, $7,

Get back to groutfit basis with a quality gray tee, perfect for pairing with gray pants, skirts, sweats, cardis, and basically any other gray item you have.

6. The Skirt

Studio Faux Leather Assymmetrical Hem Skirt, $89.90,

Because without a bottom, your gray T-shirt is just a gray T-shirt. When paired with an amazing skirt like this one, it transforms into a magnificently on-trend plus size groutfit. And when you tired of dressing in all gray, this skirt is also a ridiculously cool addition to your wardrobe in general.

7. The Jeans

Lisbon Mid Rise Skinny Jean, $51,

If athleisure is too casual for you and you don't like wearing skirts, don't fear: You can execute a flawless groutfit with a gray tee and corresponding pair of denim.

8. The Jumpsuit

Plus Size D-Ring Wrap Jumpsuit, $68,

Perhaps the most glorious incarnation of the plus size groutfit is this jumpsuit, which seems to capture the effortless, casual nature of the trend in one garment. This is what groutfit dreams are made of.

9. The Shoes

Grey Wide Fit Platform Over-The-Knee Boots, $140,

And finally, what would a plus size groutfit be without a great pair of wide fit gray boots? I love the idea of wearing these over a pair of gray jeans, accompanied by a gray tee and a gray jacket. After seeing shoes like these, my groutfit intentions have been set.

With these items, the right bit of styling, and a little bit of gray-fueled confidence, you'll master the plus size groutfit look in no time. Go forth and get gray.

Images: Courtesy Brands