What Does The New 'PLL' Photo Mean?

by Kaitlin Reilly

If you're like me, you're anxiously biting your nails and checking days off your calendar in anticipation of the Season 6B premiere of Pretty Little Liars. Now, ABC Family is torturing us by giving us just enough hints at what's to come when Pretty Little Liars returns on Jan. 12. We already know that almost all of our beloved PLL couples have broken up in the five years that have gone by since the Big A reveal, and that there will be a new Big Bad that's even more deadly than A. The most recent clue about the second half of Season 6, however, isn't a spoiler: it's PLL 's latest Season 6B promo photo. And, something in this photo may give us a huge clue as to what to expect from the new season.

At first glance, the new Pretty Little Liars promo photo isn't all that different from the show's typical promos. It features the Liars — this time with Ali included — looking totally fabulous in sky-high heels and ridiculously fashionable dresses. (Seriously, what boutique in Rosewood sells these clothes?) However, it's not all glamour and glitz in the photo — can you spot the very unusual thing going on in this picture?

You may not have noticed it at first glance, but if you check out the dirt on the ground: it seems to be coming out of Spencer's car. Why is this weird? Well, for one thing, we know that the time jump will kick off with something all too common on Pretty Little Liars: a death. According to showrunner I. Marlene King's interview with MTV News, the Big Bad of Season 6B has an agenda, and "it’s to find out why [a certain person] passes away — and to seek revenge on the person responsible." Could this promo photo hint that maybe the people responsible are the Liars themselves?

Dirt has always been a symbol of death on Pretty Little Liars. In the first episode, Ali's body (which we later learned was really Bethany's body) was found buried in her yard. We later learned that Ali is, in fact, alive, but that she was mistakenly buried alive by her mother after Charlotte unintentionally knocked her out. Mrs. DiLaurentis finds herself in that same ground later in the series. Though Mona is very much alive, Ms. Grunwald tells Hanna that Mona is "surrounded by earth," and fear. The dirt in the promo photo could very well be a hint that the girls are once again wrapped up in someone's murder, whether they are technically responsible for it or not.

Though the girls are far from murderers, they have been in situations where they were instruments of someone's death. Aria pushed Shana off the stage in New York, and Emily stabbed Nate in self-defense. Could a similar situation happen years later, causing the new PLL villain to seek revenge? The photo may hint that this new A has a whole lot of dirt on the Liars — and while they may be "innocent," this villain certainly doesn't see it that way.

Images: ABC Family; Giphy