7 Beauty Storage Solutions You Need In Your Life Immediately

I would like to say "sorry not sorry" in advance because I'm about to steal an hour (or three) of your life that you'll never get back. But it will be so worth it. I've scoured YouTube (it's a hard life) in search of the most brilliant beauty storage solutions that you need in your life. I've covered all the bases from easy, cheap DIY, to pricey, custom cabinetry. From massive nail polish collections to small brush collections. From desktop stashes to entire rooms of beauty products. It's glorious. Dear, sweet baby deity-of-your-choosing, it is glorious.

Most of the videos contain links to where you buy the products, but where they're lacking, I've picked up the slack, so your organizational dreams can stop being a Pinterest wish list and start being a reality. Because weather you have three lipsticks or 300, you can't just keep the in the bottom of your purse. That's how all your checks and your new sunglasses get covered in sticky, colorful, goo. Such a waste of good lipstick.

And, if you're the type of crafty maven who uses her glue gun as much as her eyeliner, you'll never be short on gift ideas for your cosmetic-obsessed friends. Enough talk. Let's do this thing.

1. Cute DIY Organization

Kalyn Nicholson on YouTube

This video is perfect for people with small to moderate collections, or anyone who has a bunch of odds and ends they don't know what to do with. There are seven easy, cheap DIY tutorials that look like really cute, really expensive storage solutions. The best part? All the materials are dollar store finds.

2. Eclectic Organization

This video shows you creative ways to use everything from letter holders to acrylic trays to cell phone apps. The collection centers around the Ikea Alex nine-drawer units. Oh, and check out that eDiva organizer!

3. Small Space Dream Vanity

Laura Lee on YouTube

This video shows that you can fit a ton of makeup and a ton of organization in a tiny space, like the patch between your closet and your bed. It's also based on those Ikea Alex nine-drawer units. It's probably more than enough space for most makeup hoarders. All that's missing, in my opinion, is one of those fancy mirrors with the lights on them like movie stars and strippers get in their dressing rooms. Glory.

4. Pottery Barn All-In-One

Elle Fowler on YouTube

OK, so, this video features a big, expensive piece of furniture from Pottery Barn Teen that is basically a dream make-up set up. I can't really talk about it much because I get emotional. It's just so awesome. I will say that the seating area looks a little small. I have a lot of sexy junk in the sexy trunk, so I don't know if i could fit it all at that vanity. But it's still making me drool.

5. Tool Boxes Of My Heart

Tarababyz on YouTube

I feel like the lady in this video could kick my butt, and that makes me love her. Her storage matches her persona, in that it's those Viper Tool Storage Boxes and they're hardcore. I've heard of people using toolboxes to store makeup, but I've never seen it. Until now. And, yes, it it also glorious.

6. Custom Made Stunner

Shaaanxo on YouTube

Shaaanxo shopped small in New Zealand, hiring a local organizing company to make her a custom (and pricey) storage unit for her self-proclaimed embarrassingly large makeup collection. She talks about the trials and tribulations of using cheaper storage methods and having to replace them every few years. Serious collections might want to consider investing in a more permanent piece that will stand the test of time.

7. The Dream

The Original Scrapbox on YouTube

This thing. Wow. All those totes. All those shelves. That work space. I have watched this video about a dozen times. And when you're done, it closes up, for people who hate clutter. I'd just always leave my open though. It will set you back a couple grand, but you can't put a price tag on happiness.

I'm going to stop now but I could do this all day. There are so many creative storage solutions out there for makeup. It's a rabbit hole that's so easy to fall down.

Images: YouTube