Vince Vaugh's 'Delivery Man': Watch the Trailer for the Actor's Latest Effort

Below, watch the first full trailer for Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn's latest attempt to wrestle the comedy throne back from the Apatow gang. From its trailer, however, the film seems more like a dramedy, with jokes punctuating a more serious theme. Vaughn stars as his usual slacker-type character, this time one who works as a delivery guy for his father's business and dates How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders. When he finds out that because of a clinical error, the sperm he once donated was used to father over 500 children, he thinks he's finally found a purpose in life — secretly helping all of them. Watch the trailer below.


It seems like Parks and Rec's Chris Pratt will easily be the highlight of Delivery Man. Instead of playing his usual lovable doofus, he has a more grownup character for a change. If you can get on board with the unbelievably strange central premise, the Delivery Man might be enjoyable. Otherwise, it's on track to be another forgettable comedy. At least this one's not sponsored by Google.