Grumpy Cat Is Helping Out Her Fellow Felines This Holiday Season

There are lots of perks of entertainment journalism, but having the opportunity to meet your idols is certainly up there. I am, of course, talking about meeting Grumpy Cat, the viral feline sensation that swept the internet after a photo of her adorably miserable face was posted online. Now, Grumpy Cat (real name: Tardar Sauce) is using her internet-made fame for good by helping Purina Friskies raise awareness for their #GiveFriskies campaign, which will provide cats in need with one can of cat food for every hashtag tweeted. Don't accuse this cat of being a diva.

Like plenty of stars, Grumpy Cat came from humble beginnings. A house cat with feline dwarfism, Grumpy was first discovered after her owner Tabatha Bundesen's brother Brian Bundesen put a photo of her looking particularly glum on Reddit: "[After the photo was posted] everyone said that she was Photoshopped, so Brian posted a video on YouTube to prove that she wasn't," Tabatha told Bustle of Grumpy Cat's orgiin story. "That's when it really went viral. Within 36 hours [the video] had a million and a half views." And, of course, it wasn't long before Grumpy Cat was a household meme:

Far from being a million YouTube hit wonder, Grumpy Cat has propelled her perpetually-displeased face into a genuine brand. She has her own line of merchandise which includes a stuffed animal in her likeness, has appeared in several viral YouTube videos including Friskies' own "It's Hard To Be A Cat On Christmas," and even starred in her own Lifetime movie Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever, in which she was voiced by Aubrey Plaza. She recently appeared in the 84th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade which will air on Dec. 11, an experience that further solidified her identity as a star: "Everyone was really excited to see her," says Brian of her Christmas parade experience. "People were running out into the street to get selfies with her next to the car."

(FYI, I practiced my Grumpy Cat face all day for this exact moment.)

So, what's next for Grumpy Cat? Just call her the Kardashian of cats, because she's always expanding her brand. According to Tabatha, big things are in the works: "She has a Golden Book coming out, and next week her wax figure will be unveiled at Madame Tussaud's in San Francisco." She'll be the first cat to receive a figure, and the statue will travel to the different museums — so you don't have to meet the real Grumpy Cat to get a coveted selfie.

Right now, Grumpy Cat is enjoying traveling and promoting Friskies' recent charitable venture as the official "spokes-cat" of the brand, a position she has held since March 2013. Want to get in on the action? Head to Twitter to hashtag #GiveFriskies — a cat in need will get a can of food courtesy of your tweet. There's no reason to be grumpy about that.

Image: Kaitlin Reilly/Bustle