How Many Shooters Were There In San Bernardino?

Update: On Wednesday, Dec. 2, a shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California left 14 people dead and 21 wounded. Hours after the attack, police pursued information that led to a chase of a dark SUV, which was later determined to be a rental car. A shootout between police and the suspects left both suspects dead. They were identified as Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, who were husband and wife.

According to SBPD Chief Jarrod Burguan, the four guns used in the shooting were purchased legally. The suspects were found to have 1,600 rounds of ammunition with them, and at a home they were renting in Redlands, California, law enforcement officers found 4,500 rounds of ammunition and 12 pipe bombs. No official motive has been confirmed, though a source told The Los Angeles Times that investigators are considering that it might be terrorism or workplace-related.

Earlier: On Wednesday, at least 14 people were killed and 17 injured when multiple gunmen opened fire at an agency for people with disabilities in Southern California. One suspect has been killed and another has been injured by police gunfire. At least two shooters were involved in the attacks, and it seems likely that there was in fact a third shooter in San Bernardino.

The shooting broke out around 11 a.m. local time, when multiple gunmen, possibly wearing masks and armor, stormed the Inland Regional Center. Police have reported that the gunmen used long guns, rather than small handguns. Following the shooting, the suspects allegedly fled the scene in a dark-colored SUV. Police pursued the SUV until it crashed just a few miles from the Center. Officers opened fire on the vehicle, killing one suspect and injuring — possibly killing — another. A third individual fled the scene, which makes it very likely that three people were at least involved in the attack. As of early evening local time, police remained in pursuit of the the third individual.