Where To Buy The Leaux Trike From 'Shark Tank' So You Can Take This Next-Level Tricycle Out For A Spin

Many people learn to ride a tricycle as a kid before working their way up to taking on the real thing: a bicycle. When I think about the three-wheeled vehicle, an image of a little pipsqueak adorably cruising around the neighborhood immediately comes to my mind. However, the tricycle doesn't have to be just child's play. Want proof of that? Well, look no further than the Leaux Trike, which will be featured on Friday night's episode of Shark Tank .

When you see the Leaux Trike in action during Shark Tank, you'll immediately understand why it's definitely not for youngsters. I suspect the product will have an action-packed demonstration in the Tank, which will either have you jumping out of your seat and ready for a ride or terrified to death at the very thought of getting on one of these things.

Leaux Trike, $360, Leaux Racing Trike

No matter how you feel about the Leaux Trike, its first job is to impress the Sharks so that it can snag an investment. I suspect that Shark Tank's resident adrenaline junkie Robert Herjavec will take an immediate liking to the product. However, the rest of the Sharks may need some convincing of the Leaux Trike's merits. If the entrepreneur behind the Leaux Trike mentions the following points, that shouldn't be too hard.

It's More Than Just A Tricycle

Yes, the Leaux Trike has three wheels, but it's definitely not your average tricycle. As the sound of the company's name suggests (pronounced like "low"), the Leaux Trike seats the rider close to the ground and can be steered like a regular bike or make you feel like you're competing in something like the X Games as the rear steering handle gives you the control to drift, glide, and spin. An earlier version of the Leaux Trike could reach speeds of up to 21 miles per hour, according to the product's Kickstarter page from 2013. The Leaux Trike seems like the perfect product to help you live life on the edge — or at least live your weekends on the edge.

It Takes Some Getting Used To

Leaux Trike, $360, Leaux Racing Trike

To use the Leaux Trike, you can't just hop on and start pedaling away. Well, you can, but you probably won't get the most out of it if you do so. Using the Leaux Trike actually takes a bit of know-how. Inventor Tyler Hadzicki explains the four basics for riding a Leaux Trike in the video above, and these include maintaining momentum, keeping your hand on the rear handle at all times so that you can always be in control, stopping with the pedals facing up to more easily get the trike going again, and pushing down to lock the spin wheel. Once you get the hang of it, you can then do things like the 180 Turn, which is also essential for getting around on the Leaux Trike.

It Was A Kickstarter Sensation

The Leaux Trike got a bit of buzz when it first hit Kickstarter in 2013. The campaign was successfully funded, earning a total of $46,704 on the crowdfunding platform, which was more than three times its original goal. Clearly, there was some demand for the Leaux Trike. Now we just have to wait and see if the company was able to translate this viral success into real-live sales.

Its Inventor Is A Wunderkind

High school can be an overwhelming experience, which is why when I hear about someone like Hadzicki, who somehow found the time and energy to invent the Leaux Trike while still in high school, it makes me want to give him a standing O. Hadzicki thought up and executed the idea for the Leaux Trike as just a regular old teen growing up in San Diego, California. He did have some help from his dad Joe Hadzicki, an engineer who co-founded the company Revolution Enterprises, which manufactures products like stunt kites, skateboards, and golf shafts. But still, the fact that this young inventor is already making a business out of a product he came up with himself — and has some patents under his belt to boot — is pretty darn impressive.

Jimmy Fallon Is A Fan

After the Leaux Trike blew up on Kickstarter, it soon caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon. He and Liam Hemsworth raced around The Tonight Show studio on a couple of Leaux Trikes to see who would take home the coveted Hemsworth Cup trophy. In the end, Fallon was victorious, but it was definitely a fun race for everyone to watch.

You Can Ride Off Into The Sunset On One Now

If after all of this, you'd like to take one of these trikes out for a spin, you're in luck. You can buy a Leaux Trike in either black, red, or blue from the company's official online store for $350 each. But who knows? If the Leaux Trike scores a deal on Shark Tank, it's possible it could make its way into more retailers in the future.

Image: Leaux Trikes/YouTube