Tina Knowles Lawson Posts Makeup-Free Selfie Proving Bey Got It From Her Mama — PHOTO

Our Holy Mother, Beyonce, is obviously a descendent from the Gods. I've never been more certain — while Queen B's mom has always been beautiful, it's her latest Insta snap that has everyone in awe. Tina Knowles Lawson posted a makeup-free selfie, proving Bey got it from her mama.

ICYMI, Lawson, 61, is the mother to Beyonce and Solange. She was the manager of Destiny's Child and Beyonce and Kelly Rowland until 2011. With all that experience in showbiz, it's easy to see why Lawson looks ***Flawless on every red carpet she attends. But it was her latest, barefaced selfie that caught everyone's attention.

Lawson posed sans a stitch of makeup on her personal Instagram page, and looks absolutely stunning. She captioned "'I woke up like this' my curls from yesterday are replaced with frizz! Yikes" but, let's be real, she woke up looking like the mother of Queen Bey. Beauty obviously runs in the family. I think Lawson looks as young as ever — her skin is gorgeously healthy and she's sporting a natural, curly mane. Frizz or no frizz, I think she looks stunning.

I'm thinking confidence and owning your natural beauty and power aren't the only things Bey got from mom.

Here are some other valuable lessons passed on from Tina to B.

1. Girl Power Is Real

Tina was been Bey's manager and business partner throughout the years, like when they co-launched ready-to-wear clothing line called House of Dereon.

2. Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Beyonce got all her grace from her mama. In a letter to her daughters, Tina said: "Every day, I wake up thinking about how much I love, admire and cherish each of you," she gushed. "Writing this brought to mind all the ways you guys have been such a blessing to me. When I’m feeling sad or not-so-cute or maybe a little sorry for myself, and you all include me in your group chat and tell me how hot I still look or how cool I am. Maybe you send me a crazy YouTube video. What actually works best is a cute photo of my grandchildren."

3. Home Trainin'

If you listen to Bey's music, you know Tina taught her some home trainin' and that Bey won't be dissin' anyone on the Internet because her mama taught her better than that. Go, Tina.

4. You Don't Need A Man

Tina ditched her scrub and Bey was really supportive of the divorce from her own father. In her song "Ring Off" Bey said "After all your tears / After all that pain’s all clear / Mama, after all them years / We can start all over again / Mama, and now it all makes sense / Letting go is never the end / Mama, we can love again / This is where freedom begins Mama.”

5. Be A Boss

Tina is a total boss lady and Bey has her to thank for her explosive and lasting, now iconic, career. Tina is a business woman and philanthropist, and taught Bey how to be a total boss (a female version of a hustler, you know?).

6. Life Is Better On A Boat

We know Bey and Jay love their yacht time. Beyonce's feed is practically full of beachwear, white sand, and cigar breaks on boat decks. She obviously learned how to relax the right way from Tina.

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Image: Ebony