Who Pushed Rhonda On ‘Empire’? Anika Might Have A Plan For Her Baby

We need to talk about Rhonda, you guys. On the Empire winter finale, poor Rhonda was just minding her own business, trying to get some sleep when she was woken up by her pesky house alarm. Little did Rhonda know, it wasn't a fluke that set off the alarm, but an intruder. This intruder took a very pregnant Rhonda and pushed her down the stairs. While we never saw the face of the intruder, it isn't difficult to guess that Anika shoved Rhonda down the stairs on Empire , especially after the conversation the two had about Rhonda and Dre's baby being the Lyon heir.

Prior to getting shoved down the stairs and left to (maybe?) die, Rhonda and Anika spent some time in the new "heir's" nursery talking about how Lucious is so excited about his future grandchild. When Anika — who is also pregnant with an heir, just not "the heir" — is speaking with Rhonda, it becomes kind of obvious that she's coming up with something in her mind, but would she risk the lives of Rhonda and her unborn baby just so she can birth "the heir" of the Lyon fortune?

Sadly, I think this is exactly what Anika would do to get ahead. Anika has been dealt a pretty bad hand lately. She was exiled from Lucious' life, exiled from Lyon Dynasty, became pregnant with her "homie" Hakeem's baby, then was told by Hakeem that she'd never be a Lyon. Anika is desperate for something to go her way, and if she were to have the heir to the family name versus Rhonda, maybe (in her mind) she could become a Lyon.

The thing is, if Anika is the one that pushed Rhonda down the stairs, her thinking is way off. Does she really think that Rhonda possibly losing her baby would make her any more loved by the Lyon family? Unfortunately, I think the Anika Lyon ship has sailed long ago, and nothing is going to get her back in particularly good graces with anyone.

Now, it's just a matter of if the truth comes out on who shoved Rhonda. It appeared that she wasn't even aware that someone was in the house, so identifying the person (Anika) wouldn't be easy. But, I can't imagine the story is just going to end there and the intruder is going to get away without any repercussions. I also can't believe that Lucious bought that big house and didn't get really expensive security cameras installed.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX