7 Reasons To Try Blue Hair At Least Once In Your Life — PHOTOS

Dying your hair blue for the first time is scary, but also fun. Oh, and if you're doing it yourself, it also can be fairly messy. If you're on the fence over whether or not to take the plunge, I think my reasons to try blue hair at least once might just convince you! Upkeep for blue hair is not as intimidating as it might seem, and the touch up dyes only get easier and easier with practice.

I had always loved those rainbow hair clip-in pieces, but my parents were pretty against me having colored hair when I was younger. Fast-forward to college when I thought I'd do it, but I ended up getting a pretty hardcore internship with a politician and I doubted the office would've appreciated my dreamy blue strands.

It wasn't until last fall that I gained the courage and also had the opportunity to finally bleach and dye my strands. I was living in Brooklyn, working for a media agency that could've cared less whether my hair was brown or flashing neon pink, so I decided to go for it. I settled on a Manic Panic dye in Atomic Turquoise.

I have never felt so instantly liberated in my life as when I took the first scoop of the creamy dye and slathered it onto my bleached hair. Thirty minutes and one shower later, I started my three-month-long romance with the color and discovered all the reasons blue hair is worth rocking at least once in your lifetime! Need some convincing? Here are the reasons you need to go aqua at least one in your life:

1. All The Mermaid Feels

I felt like such a dreamy mermaid goddess with this crazy shade. Who doesn't want that?

2. The Compliments

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OK, you shouldn't do something solely for other's approval, but I was absolutely overwhelmed by how many strangers would come up to tell me they loved my hair color and how it made my eyes pop.

3. The Funny Fade-Outs

If your hair reacts anything like mine, it will eventually turn green. You kind of just have to laugh when you discover your hair matches the grass and your friend's yoga pants.

4. The Creative Styles

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Blue hair makes everything from a top knot or a loose boho braid transform into something a little more artsy and eye-catching.

5. The Self-Discovery


Blue hair helped me really accept and embrace the fact that I was a creative spirit, and it was fun to wear that truth on my sleeve (err, on my head).

6. The Hair Care Knowledge

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Unless you want your hair to flake off in little pieces, you're going to have to read up on how to take care of colored hair. I learned substantially more about how to treat my hair well in those three blue-haired months than ever before.

7. The Letting Go

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In the words of Coco Chanel, "a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." Almost as liberating as having blue hair is arriving at the point to cut it off (or dye it a more natural hue). You dyed your hair blue to express something distinct, and cutting it off means you're ready for another new life adventure.

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