Trunkster From 'Shark Tank' Will Be Available Soon To Make Traveling Way More Pleasant

Traveling is so much fun... except when you have to deal with luggage, and especially when you're dealing with it in an airport. But what if there was a way your suitcase could actually make your life easier, making it worth it to have to lug it around from the bathroom to Starbucks before you have to catch a flight? That's exactly what Shark Tank product Trunkster is aiming to do, and it's not going to be cheap, but it is pretty revolutionary.

Basically, Trunkster looks nothing like a traditional suitcase — mostly because it is nothing like a traditional suitcase. It still holds your stuff, and it still has wheels, but the comparisons end there. It doesn't have a zipper, which means no more sitting on your suitcase to try to get it to close when you've overstuffed it. Instead, it closes with a sliding door. More cool features: A stronger handle and wheels, plus a built in USB charger, a digital scale that weighs your luggage instead of being surprised when you try to check it, and it has GPS tracking, so when it gets lost, it'll be that much easier to find.

And did I mention the USB charger? You never have to sit on the airport floor by an outlet again if your iPhone runs out of juice!

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Unfortunately, amazing comes at a cost, and with a wait. The cheapest model is priced at $325, and comes without the location tracking. For that, you'll need to add $60. $625 will get you the full luggage set, and these suitcases can all be purchased at Trunkster's website, but you'll have to wait to actually receive one.

More bad news: Trunkster isn't available just yet. Right now, they're still taking pre-orders, so suitcases won't be shipped out until January 2016. But if you want to get your hands on one of these babies, it might be worth it to buy one ahead of time! You can also buy Trunkster on Amazon if you prefer, but the prices are the same there.

And as far as Shark Tank is concerned, I have a feeling it's going to be a major success. A company that started with crowdfunding and ended up raising almost $1.5 million just because that many people wanted to see this product on the market? That's a pretty impressive track record. If only I could afford $300 luggage, I would be at the airport charging my phone right now.

Image: Michael Desmond/ABC