Lady Gaga Twins With Tony Bennett In Menswear — PHOTOS

Since they've spent much of 2014 and 2015 performing and touring together, it makes complete sense that they would eventually start twinning! Lady Gaga did menswear and found herself twinning with classic crooner and duet partner Tony Bennett. It was utterly adorable, since Gaga and Bennett are of two different genres and generations, but they just click. We already knew they had a musical connection. Now, they have an even deeper fashion one, too!

As they have promoted their Cheek to Cheek release, Gaga has worn glorious gowns and glamorous makeup and she didn't scrimp on the bling, jewels, and heels. The singer stood next to Bennett, who stuck with classic, dark suits and ensembles, wearing appropriate attire that suited both the music and the audience.

While Gaga wore martini loafers in homage to Las Vegas and Frank Sinatra the other day, she rocked her version of a black suit alongside Mr. Bennett. Those two! What a pair.

They weren't totally matchy matchy in their black and white outfits, but they came pretty damn close. Gaga doesn't do menswear often. But when she does, it's off the charts.

Bennett's hat was quite the added touch.

As was Gaga's geometric collar. She went with an androgynous look as she celebrated Ol' Blue Eyes' bday. That'd be the late Frank Sinatra, in case you didn't know!

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Gaga's most memorable stint with menswear was when she attended the 2011 VMAs as her "You & I" alter ego Jo Calderone, who reminded me of Ralph Macchio. You know, the original Karate Kid.

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Calderone was quite a character!

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While Gaga and Bennett just twinned, they usually pair up like so.

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They always bring the glam.

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The Gaga x Bennett combo just... sparkles!


They kill me with their obvious adoration for one another.


Even when Gaga is showing off her cleavage and curves, she and Bennett remain a class act.

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They bring out the best in one another... both musically and stylistically. Even in red leather, with a cap and a patch, Gag still matched Bennett and his scarf!

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So in sync!

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I can't with them. I love how Gaga retained her signature style, but she tamed it and reeled it so that it didn't overshadow the music she was making with her sonic soulmate.

Gaga and Bennett click on all levels!

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (2)