New 'Batman V Superman' Trailer Empowers Wonder Woman In An Amazing Moment That Deserves A Rewatch — VIDEO

We've all seen the picture. We've even seen brief appearances of her badassery in a few of the already released clips. But, on Thursday, the moment we have all been waiting for finally arrived: We've officially been introduced to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman... Kind of. After teasing us with a closer look at Batman and Superman's rivalry just the other day, Jimmy Kimmel Live brought us a new Batman V Superman trailer that did something a little more important than just tease us with new scenes from the highly-anticipated superhero blockbuster. It reminded us that Wonder Woman is the real draw of this film.

While the new trailer clearly shows that the competition between Batman and Superman is heating up, it also surprises us in the end with a rare, and completely ah-mazing, introduction of the one DC Comics character I'm probably the most excited to see: Wonder Woman. There's a new superhero — or, should we say superheroine? — in town, and she is finally getting her time to shine. That's right. It's her time to shine. Not Wonder Woman and Batman's time. Or Wonder Woman and Superman's time (plus, he's got Lous Lane anyway). But Wonder Woman is showing up all on her own, and she's ready to fight this battle against the attack of Doomsday. She's showing up uninvited, but making quite the impressive entrance — if I do say so myself.

OK, you're just going to have to see this for yourself.

Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

So, in case you didn't notice the super hard to ignore entrance at the 2:35 mark, let me just break down this crucial moment for you: We see Wonder Woman's shield. She reveals her identity from behind the shield. Superman asks the question that comes as a result of being raised in a misogynistic culture: "Is she with you?" Batman replies: "I thought she was with you?" And she stands all-powerful in the middle of the two previously-introduced staples of American cinema. Boom!

That's right. She's not there with Batman or Superman. In fact, she's there all on her own merit. She just came to save the day, without any male ties pulling her into the situation. And I have fallen in love with that brief moment of pure female empowerment.

Now, yes, we know that a love interest will most likely come into play at some point. In fact, the ever-so-dreamy Chris Pine has already been cast as Steve Trevor — the damsel-in-distress she saves in her own upcoming self-led 2017 blockbuster. But the beauty of this moment is that Wonder Woman — after a moment of ignorance and pure confusion — ends up standing as one of the guys.

My proud female moment of the day has been fulfilled. And a tear of joy has been shed for every moment I've lived of my childhood where there was a lack of strong female characters. (My favorite Disney princess is Princess Leia — and she's only recently, sort of, considered one.) Marvel's Black Widow was just the beginning, but now it's time for Wonder Woman to shine. And I seriously can not wait to see whats's in store! DC Comics, please do not disappoint.

Images: DC Entertainment; Warner Bros. Pictures/Youtube