This Proves Ben Affleck IS Batman

Ben Affleck being cast as Batman is probably one of most intense castings in recent superhero history. The Internet nearly came to it's own horrific end as comic book fans stormed the Interwebs with words of hate

and cries of longing for the Christian Bale Batman they once knew. It was clear that those days were over, and that the days of an unlikely new Batman were about to begin. But now, as we quickly approach 2016, the reality is finally starting to set in: Ben Affleck will be playing Bruce Wayne. And in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's brand new teaser trailer it's officially revealed... in case anyone needed another reminder of just who was actually behind that Batman mask.

In fact, even Superman himself finds out who Batman is in this sneak peek! As he dramatically walks towards the superhero (or villain? — we really can't tell at this point) and pulls off his black, pointy-eared mask, it's one of the first times in all of the already-released trailers that us fans can really see Ben's face. No mask, but no denying that he's Batman. So, maybe it's about time that we give the poor Deadpool actor a chance, don't you think?!

First, I'll let you watch it for yourself:

Now... I'm going to say it. I don't think his Batman is going to be bad. There! I said it. While the new teaser trailer doesn't reveal much, there's one thing that it does show: Batman's anger, Batman's fear, and a pure heart-stopping rivalry blooming between two of DC Comics' greatest characters. Isn't that really all we're looking for in this new movie?!

Let's face it; Christian Bale is not coming back, and this is a whole new, separate chapter in Batman's story. It Batfleck time! So, with just three months to go it's time we prepare ourselves for what's to come. Because the Bat himself has been ready since over a year and a half ago! "I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think I could do it. I have the benefit of a lot of that understanding. But also, everyone is entitled to their opinion," said Affleck in an August 2014 interview with Entertainment Weekly. He won't care if you're hating.

But, if you take a good hard look at the new teaser, it's clear: The battle is just getting started. Not the one between Batman and Superman, but the one between Benfleck v The Public: Coming March 25, 2016. And I may have just switched sides.

Images: Warner Brothers Pictures; Giphy