People Answer The Toughest Questions About Dating & Their Answers May Surprise You — VIDEO

Would you date someone your friends don't like? Do you believe in love at first sight? These are both tough questions about dating we often ask, but how honest are our answers, really? BuzzFeed decided to find out, by asking 24 women and 24 men a series of hard questions about relationships and capturing the results on camera. But they didn't film the individual results; they visually illustrated the 48 participants' answers by having them each congregate on either side of a room in order to answer yes or no. The men and women also were assigned to wear different colored shirts in order to create quick visuals of their answers, with the women in yellow and the men in blue — and the results are fascinating.

With dating and relationships often conjuring up a lot of personal emotions and social taboos, it can be hard to ensure that our answers are honest, right? I know that if someone asked me on a first date if I believed in love at first sight, even if I did, I would say "No," because, well, it's awkward. When you're an anonymous member of a group, though, you might be more likely to tell the truth. How did it go for these 48 people? Check out five of their answers below. Scroll down to watch the full video for more.

1. Is It Ever Appropriate to Text "K" ?"

73 percent of people said that it was appropriate, which immediately made me wonder who these people are and if they've ever been on the receiving end of a "K" text. The moderator even jumped in to say, "Who are you monsters?" I say, "heck no!" but I guess I fall in the minority here.

2. Would You Date Someone Who Isn't the Same Religion as You?"

Well, these folks certainly demonstrate how times have changed, since 92 percent of them said they would date someone of a different religion. A group of 48 people likely isn't indicative of everyone, though (it's too small a group); indeed, a YourTango survey of men and women ages 18 to 34 found much more conservative findings, with only a little more than half saying they would date someone of a different religion — 62 percent of women and 52 percent of men, respectively.

3. Are You Cool With Your Significant Other Being Friends With Their Ex?"

77 percent of people said that they were cool with it, which I think shows really healthy boundaries and autonomy; people should be able to have their own friends no matter who they date, including their ex, in my opinion. So if you're friends with your ex, your new boo is probably OK with it.

4. Would You Date Someone Who Doesn't Want Kids?"

This is a really tough question, especially because it carries so much weight. Are people who want kids but aren't ready to have kids still only going to date people who also want them? What if you don't want kids? Would you date someone who did? The answer is split 50-50, showing it's kind of a contentious issue.

5. Would You Date Someone Your Friends Don't Like?

This is another tough question that often comes up a lot in relationships, so how much do people really value their friends' opinions? A lot it seems, as 65 percent of people said they would not date someone who didn't have their friends' stamp of approval. So, it's safe to assume that you probably need to make a good impression on your partner's pals in order to stick around.

Are you surprised by these answers? To see the answers to even more questions, like "Would you watch porn with your significant other?" watch the full video below.

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