Which 'PLL' Girl Are You Based On Your Love Life?

When you watch a show like Pretty Little Liars, it is easy to get invested in all of the characters' lives. You probably even have a favorite Little Liar or even one who you strongly identify with. If you love them all or just can't decide who you have most in common with, then a good place to start is by assessing their love lives. One way to determine which Pretty Little Liars character you're most like is doing so based on their dating habits. Are you an Aria, a Spencer, an Emily, a Hanna, or even an Alison? The way you navigate your love life can be a major indication of which Little Liar you best represent.

Are you bold and daring like Alison DiLaurentis when she has a crush? Or do you wait for people to come your way because you're more shy like Emily Fields? Have you ever dated a teacher or another authority figure? Then you could say that you have more of an Aria Montgomery style of dating. Are you the kind of girl who has had a friendship develop into something more like it did with Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh? Or maybe you can forgive someone for spying on you and date him like Hanna Marin did with Caleb Rivers? There are so many possibilities, so let's break them all down.


If you're the one who knew pretty much everything about relationships before anyone else in your friend group, then you're an Alison. If you are the type to go after who you want, no matter who that person may or may not be currently dating, that's a #TotalAlisonMove. You also like to talk a big game about your conquests and have a magnetism that attracts pretty much everyone, guy or girl. Throw in some dalliances with older men and you're definitely an Ali.


Aria's love life has been the least consistent out of all the Liars. Her interests have been all over the map, but no one really lasted like Ezra Fitz. If you have dated someone knowing he was the one and have gotten back together more times than you can count, you're an Aria. You've also probably been in a relationship that people disapprove of. Are you the kind of person who relates to their love interest through an academic interest like Aria and Ezra do with literature? Would you be willing to accept it if you boyfriend or girlfriend had a secret love child? If this is all ringing true to you, then you are definitely an Aria when it comes to dating.


Alison may talk a big game, but Emily is the one who has had the most love interests. There is just something about Emily Fields. She attracts everyone, but has no idea how she does it. Pretty much all the people she has dated were in love with her for a while before she ever noticed. She was neighbors with Mia, competitors/teammates with Paige, and coworkers with Talia, and they were all in love with her the entire time in front of her face. If you're an Emily, then you don't ever have to make the first move because you already have a lot of affection coming your way.


Spencer had a pretty bad habit of getting with her older sister Melissa's boyfriends and even fiancés. If you've been in a love triangle with a sibling or thrive on the competition of winning someone over, you can definitely relate to Spencer. Luckily, Spencer moved out of this phase and ended up with Toby after she reluctantly agreed to let him tutor her in French. This is when she got into a better pattern of romance, although it was a frustrating one. It always takes Spencer a long time to realize she's into someone. If you are the kind of girl who is always fighting against the chemistry just to make sure it's right or because you're scared of getting hurt, you are such a Spencer.


Sure, she's has had some kisses here and there and a brief romance with Travis, but Hanna is a long-term relationship girl and her relationship with Caleb is pretty much meant to be. They even lived together when he had no place else to live. If you who will do anything for your partner and want to incorporate them into every part of your life, you are a Hanna. Hanna tells Caleb everything and has made him a part of her crew of Liars investigators searching for A. Loyalty is everything to you if you're a Hanna.

Watching Pretty Little Liars, you might think that the relationships are a little unrealistic with Aria dating her teacher, Emily dating someone who tried to drown her, Hanna dating someone who was paid to spy on her, Alison making moves on Melissa's boyfriend, and Spencer joining the A-Team for Toby, but beneath all the craziness, there is a character's love life for everyone to relate to.

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