12 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 Characters Who Fans Can Count On Seeing In The Time Jump

After somehow surviving five, long months without it, when Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premieres in January 2016, things are going to be different. And that's mostly due to the fact that the first half of Season 6 solved the Big A mystery fans have been following since Season 1 — well, we think. Which, unfortunately, means no more shady A texts, near-death experiences, or black hoodies — again, we think. Of course, replacing those things will be something very exciting: the five-year time jump. But, just because the focus and timeline of the show is shifting, doesn't mean its cast of characters will drastically change. Still, you might be concerned and wondering, which characters will be in Pretty Little Liars Season 6B?

The cast and crew just wrapped production on Season 6, so few details have emerged from the set so far. Which means that, much to the disappointment of spoiler-thirsty fans, no plot details have been released for the upcoming season yet. But, thankfully, looking at the returning cast can give some insight about what to expect for Pretty Little Liars' future. Here's a list of everyone we know will turn up again in Rosewood, thanks to promos, casting notices, social media, and other Season 6B clues.


Thanks to every preview for Season 6B, plus the time jump scene from the Season 6 summer finale, we know Aria will be back. And it looks like she'll be coming back to Rosewood from elsewhere in the country. Maybe, California? She's got a book on her desk that appears to read, in big letters, CALIFORNIA. And, at the end of Season 6A she was headed off to an awesome internship in sunny LA.


Hanna might have stayed in Rosewood — even with those romantic plans to move to NYC with Caleb — this whole time, and from the PLL promo, she appears to have broken our hearts and broken up with Caleb. She also appears to be flashing a big ring in the promo, like, "check out my new engagement ring," and that makes every Haleb 'shipper very nervous.


Spencer's still around. Did she ever even leave Rosewood? When Season 6B picks up, she's now helping her mom run for elected office (so this means that Mrs. Hastings DID in fact get out of the locked DiLaurentis's basement).


In the promo, Emily tells Toby she didn't have a really great time at college. I wonder if we'll ever get any sort of flashback for Emily at college, to learn exactly what happened during those four years, and the last year after college.


Ali is back for sure and, five years in the future, she's now a teacher and married to someone named "Rollins." From the tag at the very end of "Game Over, Charles," it appears as if Ali is (still) being targeted by some mysterious "he."


Never ever leave us again, Mona. Seriously. No more faking your own death, and actually "dying" and getting kidnapped and locked away again, OK? But even though she'll be back in Season 6B, from the promo it appears as if things still aren't great between her and the Liars. Has something else happened we don't know about?


Caleb was, supposedly, moving to NYC to work at a big company doing cyber security. That was the plan, and he was taking Hanna with him. Something in the last five years went wrong between them (crying tears forever) and now he's back in Rosewood, without Hanna. But at least being in Rosewood means there's a chance for reconciliation. RIGHT?!


We know Toby will be back — especially since we know that he's still a good friend of Emily's post-time jump. But we have so many questions for him. Is he still a police officer? What is he doing with his life? Is he still with Spencer? Have they gotten married yet? Are we ever going to hear from Jenna ever again?


In the promo for Season 6B, Ezra has some suspicious looking facial hair, and I want to classify him as "Evil Ezra" until proven otherwise.


Though we saw CeCe being taken away at the end of "Game Over, Charles," I. Marlene King and Vanessa Ray have confirmed that CeCe will be back for Season 6B, and she's going to try to work on her relationship with Ali.


Torrey Devitto posted a picture of herself as Melissa on the set – and we've yet to see Melissa in Season 6A, so that means Season 6B. From the picture Devitto posted, it looks like she's in the Brew. What brings her back to Rosewood five years later? And more importantly, IS WREN WITH HER? WE NEED TO KNOW.

Jordan, Liam, & Mr. Rollins

New love interests for the Liars? No official casting has been announced, but the show was looking to cast two young gentlemen to potentially woo two of our Liars. There's also Ali's unseen husband, whoever he is and wherever he is. Considering we haven't met anyone yet with the last name of "Rollins" he's going to be a brand new character.

Sure, it's comforting to know that almost ALL of our favorite characters will be returning to Pretty Little Liars after the series jumps five years into the future. But nothing can make me feel better about having to wait until 2016 to find out whether or not that Haleb wedding will FINALLY happen. Ugh.

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