Drew's Been Doing This For The Last 30 Yrs.

by Celeste Mora

True to her reinvented mogul image, Drew Barrymore hosted a party for her book last night that was sponsored by Chanel. Everyone was in black, of course, and had their best "bold," "new" lip color on. The book, however, looks like a book by someone who believes in the simpler things; by someone who might not buy into fancy designer brands, on the other hand, nor the hottest lipstick du jour. It's called Find It In Everything and features 30 years of photographs Drew has taken of heart-shaped objects. Drew said that she "started finding hearts in things" decades ago and took a bunch of pictures.

Drew has given a semi-interesting reason why she likes hearts, saying that she thinks the "continuous line" of the heart is "very powerful." Forget the fact that the heart shape may have originally been created to resemble an ancient birth control seed pod, a butt, or testicles, since no official origin story exists — it's still nice that Drew likes unbroken lines. And frankly, we're far more interested in the fact that she may have picked up a 30-year heart obsession from her breakout role in E.T. When asked about whether her hearts tie-in with E.T.'s light-up chest, she said that it's very possible that E.T. started her passion for heart-shaped things.

All right, Drew, you've got our attention.

It's very sweet that, after her troubled childhood, Drew Barrymore would be able to reach back to her start and find a continuous line to the present. Many people would want to put the past in the past, but instead she was moved on with her life. Remember that Drew's only other book before this one was an autobiography about her past drug use and traumatic childhood. Even though it is just a bunch of pictures of hearts, Find It In Everything may be a sign that Drew has healed enough to accept her past life, but keep moving forward to the new one.

So, Drew, we hope you keep up the flower-child-slash-mother lifestyle. Maturity and closure look good on you.