Riccing is All the Rage, We Guess

First there was planking, then there was owling, somewhere along the line we had tebowing, and now, now we have...Ricci-ing, or #riccing as the kids are calling it. All of these ridiculous trends share one very essential common thread. You must take ridiculously positioned pictures (despite danger or logic) and post them to Twitter or Instagram, in order to prove said contortion. The bottom line is that everyone is constantly trying to one up the original.

The petite former child actress comes in at a mere 5 feet zero inches tall. Some would think being on the shorter end of the scale would have its disadvantages. Well, those people would be wrong. For instance, if you're as small as Ricci you can do things that your taller friends can't like, well, stuffing yourself in a mini fridge. That sounds fun and totally comfortable, right?

Or, if you're Kelly Ripa and don't have the time to seek out a mini fridge due to your hectic schedule as a daytime television show host, you can squeeze underneath your desk in the middle of the work day. But only in order to make your guest feel more at home, of course. See below:

Here's Kelly:

And here are just more of the copycats trying to keep #Riccing alive on Twitter. We have to say, the person in the duffle bag impressed us immensely. Honorable mention to the girl in the cardboard box.

And this:

And this:

And then there's this:

Keep up all the great Ricci-ing, guys. Great work.