8 Sex-Positive Gift Ideas For The Holidays

'Tis the season to welcome in moments of genuine generosity and ward off hailstorms of faux Hallmark cheer. Although most winter holidays center around male-dominated religious practices and feminist politics haven't historically taken center stage, that's even more reason to give a sex-positive feminist gift. Let your friends, family or partner. know you're thinking about them during this time of seasonal reflection and encourage pleasure, self-love, and consensual erotic expression in all its myriad forms.

As any sex-positive person knows, giving and receiving are equally vital to any meaningful exchange. Think of this gift guide as one more way to celebrate your beliefs in gender equality and sexual freedom, because the month of December isn't just about ghost stories lifted from dusty old tomes detailing the exploits of powerful dead guys. Whether you're building a genderfluid snowperson, burning effigies of Ted Cruz with your yule log, or decorating your menorah, kinara, Christmas tree, pagan altar, or atheist plant with condoms, dental dams, and miniature bottles of lube, it's easy to slip in a little sex-positivity during the holiday season. Here are eight sex-positive gift ideas to help you spread joy and pleasure well into 2016.

1. BDSM Accessories

Multi-purpose gifts are always a win-win, and Zana Bayne's exquisite leather harnesses and accessories make for a pleasurable transition from day wear to night play.

Zana Bayne Coco Leather Harness, $240, Nasty Gal

2. Stripper Tees

This stylish tee from Jacq The Stripper is perfect for your stripper friends — and your wannabe stripper friends.

Off Duty Stripper Tee, $30, Jacq The Stripper

3. Sex-Positive Porn Books

Genderqueer pornographer and performer Jiz Lee edited Coming Out Like A Porn Star , a collection of first person narratives by porn performers about (you guessed it!) coming out to their friends and family. A great stocking stuffer for fans of Joanna Angel, Stoya, Annie Sprinkle, and Nina Hartley.

Coming Out Like A Porn Star, $14, Amazon

4. Sexual How-To Books

For your friend who's always talking about trying anal but never has, Tristan Taormino offers a compendium dedicated to butt play for girls.

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex, $17, Amazon

5. Environmentally Friendly Condoms

Sustain makes vegan, fair trade, chemical-free condoms and donates 10 percent of their profits to women in need. Give these babies away like they're going out of style!

Sustain Condoms, $16, Amazon

6. Environmentally Friendly Lube

Sutil makes glycerin-free, paraben-free, water-based lubricant from white lotus root and oat beta glutan. It feels fantastic. Disseminate freely to grease the wheels of friendship and love.

Sutil Lube, $24, Babeland

7. Porn Gift Subscription

For the girl who know what she likes — but can't always find it for free on PornHub — there's the CrashPad Series, a treasure trove of hot, queer action. Nothing says "I care" like a one year subscription that only costs you $9.99 a month.

Crashpad, $10/month

8. A Sacred Sexual Wellness Tool

For your pagan, pleasure-seeking friends and family members who want some sexual healing or for those who just love a beautiful objet d'art that can double as a dildo, Chakrubs offers hand-crafted, crystal sexual wellness tools.

Chakrubs, $115, Amazon

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