Nina's Globes 'Prom Photo' Is Just A Front

Celebrities have a lot going on that us normal folks can't even begin to understand — getting clothes for free, getting to go to fancy events all the time — but one thing that really is so beyond an average person's realm of understanding is looking gorgeous while sick. Regular people just can't do it. Even if I were to get my hair done and put on a designer gown, if I was sick, I would look sick. My nose would be red, my eyes would be glazed over, and I would not be able to stand up straight. Celebrities though, they're able to pull that off. For example, Nina Dobrev was sick on Golden Globes night, but she went to an after party looking absolutely perfect.

The Vampire Diaries star made it clear that she was sick by updating her Who Say page with pictures of her struggles. One photo shows Dobrev blowing her nose behind all of her medicine and a smoothie called "Wellness." Another shows Dobrev's clutch for the evening with the caption, "ID ... Gum... Lozenges ... Tonights purse essentials for the night! #globes #sicky." I might add, the gum is unwrapped so maybe that's how she picked up germs in the first place. I know a clutch is small, but still, keep the wrappers on!

After posting about her sickness, does Nina Dobrev end up staying home to watch the Golden Globes on her couch and down orange juice? No! Does she dress up, but still kinda look like she half-assed it and drip snot everywhere? Absolutely not! She looks glamorous, has perfect makeup and hair, and instead of scaring her friends away with her coughs and sneezes, she poses with them prom-style and then heads out to a night of partying.

The next time you're sick, try to take some inspiration from her, but if you end up under three blankets on your sofa, I won't judge.