18 Funny Holiday Cards To Send This Season

by Rebecca Deczynski

After years of posing for family portraits for the annual Christmas card, sending out a stereotypical holiday card can get pretty boring — so instead, I’ve gotten into the habit of sending out funny holiday cards. After all, it is the season to be merry, so why settle for just pretty holiday cards when you can send out ones that’ll get a laugh?

In the midst of holiday season stress (gift-buying, decorating, party-planning), it’s easy to overlook what the season is really about. A card can let your relative, co-worker, or friend know that you’re thinking of them, and a good joke can make their day. Sure, you can’t really go wrong with a typical snowman card, but don’t feel like you have to play it safe. A good sense of humor is especially necessary this time of the year, and that’s why I love cards that can crack jokes for us.

In order to avoid any awkward Christmas card fails, I’ve found 18 funny cards that are worth a genuine laugh — not a cringe. It’s possible to find a hilarious card for everyone on your list, from your special someone to Mom and Dad to your BFF. After all, who needs to be serious, anyway?

1. Bey Merry Card

If there's anyone who makes this season even more merry and bright, it's Beyoncé. Always Beyoncé.

Bey Merry Card, $2.99,

2. Cat Christmas Card

Any cat owner knows that Christmastime means a recurring war between the tree and your pet.

Cat Christmas Card, $4.50,

3. Oy To The World

This Hanukkah card doesn't take itself too seriously — and I also think Lorelai Gilmore would appreciate it.

Oy to the World Card, $4.50,

4. Let It Snow Card

I know there's someone specific your Game of Thrones-obsessed friend wants to see under her tree.

Let It Snow Card, $4,

5. Nicolas Cage Card

You may ask, "Why Nicolas Cage?" And to that, I can simply reply, "Why not Nicolas Cage?"

Nicolas Cage Card, $4,

6. White Christmas Card

Now watch me sip my Chardonnay-nay.

White Christmas Card, $4.50,

7. Happy Challah Days Card

Because bread is the real reason for the season.

Happy Challah Days Card, $4.25,

8. Drake Hanukkah Card

Give the gift of everyone's favorite Jewish rapper.

Drake Hanukkah Card, $5.50,

9. Let's Get Baked Card

This card is perfect for your friend who likes all sorts of baking.

Let's Get Baked Card, $4,

10. Christmas Light Card

Sometimes we just need to be honest with ourselves.

Christmas Light Card, $4,

11. Avocado Card

In a world where guacamole is extra, we give extra thanks to avocados.

Avocado Card, $3.50,

12. Naughty Card

Secret Santa just got sexy.

Naughty Card, $4,

13. Holy Crap Card Set

Your blasphemy-loving bestie will get a load out of this one.

Holy Crap Card Set, $16.50 to six,

14. Holiday Spirit Card

It wouldn't be the holiday season without a fully stocked bar cart.

Holiday Spirit Card, $4.50,

15. Merry Kanye Card

Send this card to the friend who you love as much as Kanye loves Kanye.

Merry Kanye Card, $5.50,

16. Present Card

Honesty is the best policy.

Present Card, $5,

17. Ho Ho Hope You Weren't Card

Instead of just re-gifting a boring present, give a laugh with this card.

Ho Ho Hope Your Weren't Card, $4.50,

18. Rude-olph Card

Any pun-lover won't be able to resist this gem.

Rude-olph Card, $5,

For more funny holiday ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

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