12 Holiday Cards For Everyone On Your List, Because Sending a "Merry Christmas" Text Is Out of the Question This Year

As the famous saying goes, Christmastime is here again. That means string lights, stockings, and most importantly, really awesome holiday cards. Forget e-cards or day-of text messages, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is giving cards to all those near. So get your stamps ready, because from your neighbor to your mom, I've got a card here for everyone.

by Corinne Caputo

For That Special Someone

If there is any time to be sexually suggestive, it’s Christmastime.

Yours Card, $4.50,

For a Child

Don’t worry, Santa doesn’t hate you. This card folds out to an adorable message.

Fold-out greeting card, $5,

For Your Coworkers

Before you jet off to your parents’ for the holidays, slip your favorite coworkers this sweet card.

Simple card (set of 5), $12,

For Your Friends

At the next Ugly Sweater Party, give this card to your host.

Light up card collection (set of 6), $12.73,

For Your Secret Santa

If you don’t know what else to give as a Secret Santa gift, at least you’ll know to give this card.

Tangled cards (set of 10), $20,

For a 'Supernatural' Super Fan

We all know a Supernatural super fan, and now we know what card to get them.

‘Supernatural’ greeting card, $3,

For a 'Breaking Bad' Fan

This card is Walter White-approved.

‘Breaking Bad’ card, $3.63,

For Anyone Who Loves Cheer

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is giving cards to all those near.

Elf card (set of 10), $32,

For the Person You Want to Impress

Impress the F out of literally anyone with this magnificent pop out card.

Pop-up Christmas Fair (instant download), $3.21,

For Your Cool Cousin

Bob’s Burgers forever.

Tina Belcher card, $4,

For Your Neighbors

Let your neighbors know you’re sorry about that loud holiday party you had, and Merry Christmas.

String lights card, $4.50,

For Your Mom

Mom wants a card whether she admits it or not, and this one is kind of perfect.

Be merry card (set of 8), $10,