Will The Wildabouts Still Tour After Scott Weiland's Death? His Sudden Passing Could Mean A Hiatus

Scott Weiland has not only touched a lot of fans, but he's also touched a lot of bands. From his well-known stint as the singer and frontman of the Stone Temple Pilots, to the Velvet Revolver, to Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts, his musical prowess is the stuff of legend. Now that Weiland has passed away in his sleep, tragically while on a tour stop with the Wildabouts in Bloomington, Minnesota, his career has come to an abrupt and distressing end. However, his legend will live on for ages to come, and hopefully fans, family, and friends can take comfort in knowing that they can simply turn on a song and hear his voice once more. Considering the tragedy, it's fair to wonder if the Wildabouts will continue to tour without Weiland — something that might seem impossible to conceive. Right now, we don't know the answer to this question.

At the very least, it's highly likely that the band will take a hiatus, no matter how small, before playing the rest of the shows that they had scheduled on this tour. After all, Weiland passed away on a tour stop and, despite the fact that the venues have been booked and the tickets have been bought, his band members are going to need the time and space to deal with his passing. The Facebook message announcing Weiland's death asked for the "privacy of Scott’s family [to] be respected," and I can't imagine that doesn't go for the band as well. When you're trapped on a tour bus with the same people for concert after concert, you become like family.

However, when it comes to musicians and/or actors, there's a phrase that the Wildabouts will probably end up adhering to in the end: "The show must go on." At the end of the day, I don't think that Weiland would want the tour to be canceled entirely on his behalf, even despite the tragic circumstances. It's likely that the band will resume playing the last of their shows, each and every single one dedicated to the memory of the man who brought them all together, before possibly disbanding. Their future seems really unclear right now. Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts' first and last album was Blaster, released in March 2015, and who can say for sure if the band will be willing to get back into the studio to record a second album without their frontman? Everyone grieves in different ways, and, right now, all we can do is send our well-wishes and condolences their way while they decide what their next step as a band will be.

If the Wildabouts decide to cancel the tour and disband, that's their right, and we'll always be happy for the happiness their music has brought us. If the Wildabouts decide to continue the tour before disbanding, or continue the tour and stay together, it will be with the memory of Weiland carrying them through and pushing them to be even better musicians to honor his legacy. And that's all we can really ask for during these difficult times.