This Is The One Holiday Nail Art Tutorial You Need

You've found the dress, the shoes, the hairstyle, and the lipstick which means all that remains to make your holiday party look complete is the perfect nail art. And amongst a sea of red, green, and snowflake adorned tips, the glitter ombre manicure remains the perfect all-purpose look to get you through a month of festivities. Oh, and it's probably the easiest nail art to pull off ever.

If you've struggled with trying to figure out how the hell everyone on Pinterest gets the lines to look so perfectly straight on their allegedly DIY'd nail art, glitter is the polish for you. By nature all those different sized flakes it will never line up, so you can whip through a sparkly mani almost haphazardly and still have it come out amazing.

The key to nailing this particular look is your makeup sponge, NYC-based nail artist Elissa Schell tells me. Dab the glitter you want to use onto the tip of the sponge, then gently squeeze it a couple of times. This absorbs the clear polish that's mixed with the sparkle, so all you're left with is pure glitter goodness you can dab on your nails however you like.

Ready to give the look a try? Gather a couple of your favorite glittery polishes, then check out the video below.

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