What's The Song In The Samsung Galaxy Ad? This Jam Will Leave You Asking "WTF (Where They From)"

Hey, Samsung Galaxy? You did it. You really, really did it. Your latest television ad for your electronic devices went above and beyond with its music selection. Whoever decided “WTF (Where They From” By Missy Elliott featuring Pharrell Williams would be the song in the Samsung Galaxy ad is a commercial break hero. Yes, that is Misdemeanor Elliott’s newest banger gracing your ears with its glorious presence every time that Samsung Galaxy commercial pays your TV a visit.

(Dare I say that putting this speaker-rattling tune in an oft-played television spot is the true “gift of Galaxy” this holiday season. You mean there's a chance we'll hear the perfect song pour from our TV speakers several times an hour? How did we get so lucky?)

Released on November 12, 2015, “WTF (Where They From)” is Elliott’s first single since '08. It will appear on the “Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” rapper’s to-be-released seventh album. And just like every great Missy Elliott record before it, there is a brilliant music video to go with the brilliant song: Legend/genius/frequent Missy E collaborator Dave Meyers directed the music video for the infectious track, and it is yet another masterwork in the rapper's iconic videography.

Missy Elliott on YouTube

Whether you’ve already watched "WTF (Where They From)" a thousand times or you have yet to put the frenetic clip in your eyeballs, I have the same piece of advice for you: treat yourself right today and watch (or re-watch) the awesome vid.

Samsung Mobile USA on YouTube

Image: Samsung Mobile USA/YouTube