These Are The Most Popular Eyebrow Shapes

by Rosie W.

Are your brows on trend for your city? Mimichatter has compiled a list of the most popular brow shapes by zip code, so if you consider a day grooming your eyebrows one well spent, this list is required reading. While it appears that bold eyebrows aren't going anywhere any time soon, you now have regional styles to draw inspiration from the next time your brow game just isn't happening. Feeling the chill in New York? Look to Miami's sleek and dramatic brows to warm up your mood. Tired of your arches? Try out Boston's most popular shape, the straight no-nonsense brow (which is actually trending at the moment).

Playing with your brows can be a lot of fun, and lead to the discovery of a more flattering shape for your face. While the internet is as full of brow advice as it is of cat pictures, I'd forgotten how drastically your brows can affect your appearance until an accident a few months ago. As the proud owner of the most sparse, blonde brows on the planet, I've been drawing them in since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. I used to favor a dramatic, high arch, but a happy accident involving too much brow pomade and a new brush led me to discover that a straight brow actually flatters my face just as well — and it minimizes my hooded eyes, aka the bane of my existence. I usually stick to my arched brow out of habit, but when I'm feeling foxy I'll pull that arch down and bam — I feel like I can order a $10 cocktail with dinner.

So, to celebrate the transformative power of brows, here are the best the country has to offer. If you spot a shape you'd like to try but aren't sure where to start, I've included a tutorial to help you get the look — without a trip to the salon. Head on over to Mimichatter for the full list!

1. Boston: Straight And Boyish

Brow guru Michele Raposa told Mimichatter that a straight, boyish brow "creates an fresh-faced, youthful look like that of Natalie Portman and Rooney Mara."

2. New York: Strong and Arched

"Thin brows are out. Today's most requested and popular brow shape is thick and natural with a soft arch," Fekkai brow expert Manana Dzhanimanova told Mimichatter. She advised against tweezing to keep the brows as lush as possible, and seeing a professional for shaping.

3. Miami: Slender And Arched

This is a great option for people with thinner brows. I know, because this is totally my eyebrow.

4. Chicago: Bushy And Tapered

Ever stress about your eyebrows being different shapes? In Chicago, according to Fekkai brow specialist Elle Glass, it's not a problem. "The point I always stress is to stop trying to match your brows with each other... One bone is higher and one is lower, which makes them sisters not twins!" she emphasized to Mimichatter.

5. Dallas: Full With A Natural Arch

In Dallas, brows are left to their own devices — with selective grooming here and there. "Our ladies want full natural eyebrows with a natural arch and a more angular shape," esthetician Dolores Villanueva told the publication. "Not overly manicured or arched. This gives the eye a natural lift."

6. Denver: Boyish

People in Denver favor the most natural brow of them all. All that's required for this look is a spoolie and a little bit of powder.

7. Los Angeles: Full, Natural And Arched

The most important brow trait in Los Angeles? Symmetry. Brows are minimally groomed, and enhanced with product to appear as symmetrical yet natural as possible, with a defined arch.

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