'Downton Abbey' Star Heading to The CW

After her (spoiler alert from last season) shocking death on Downton Abbey, we worried we might never see Lady Sybil — also known as Jessica Brown-Findlay — again on our TV screens. Luckily we were oh-so wrong, as the actress' mini/event series, Labyrinth has been acquired by The CW for its stateside premiere. Hooray! We're huge fan of the idea of event/miniseries, as it allows for a lot of people on both sides of the Hollywood spectrum (TV and movies) to come together in new, unexpected, and therefore exciting, ways. When they're as high-concept as this one seems to be? All the better. Besides, put Brown-Findlay in a period piece and there's a whole host of people who are likely to be on board.

Following the lives of two women separated by centuries (one in Medieval, the other in modern-day, France) but both searching for the Holy Grail. Featuring the impressive John Hurt (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and recently, Doctor Who ), Sebastian Stan (Once Upon a Time, both Captain America films) and Tom Felton (Every single Harry Potter film), the four-hour long Labyrinth the story will jump back and forth between the time periods to tell its story. Brown-Findlay, who is also starring in the upcoming feature Winters' Tale , will portray Alaïs, a woman who is given a book by her father that contains the secret of the aforementioned Grail. The series recently aired in the UK, where it received generally positive reviews.