Adele V. Drake: Who Has The Best Parodies?

Music is having a moment. And, when it comes to music, there are two stars making the most waves: Drake and Adele. Both have made headlines this year for their newest tracks, but they're also making news for another reason. The parodies that have come from their singles, Adele's "Hello" and Drake's "Hotline Bling" have been off the charts hilarious. Although they may not have been asking for it, both videos do provide a lot of room for hysterical interpretations of the meanings. This begs the question, do Adele or Drake have the best parodies of their hit songs this year?

Not only is their music amazing on its own, but the hilarious — and I mean hilarious — parodies of their two hit singles, "Hello" and "Hotline Bling," are almost better than the original videos. Almost. Dozens of parodies have popped up on YouTube, Vine, and even a few chuckle worthy memes have made their way onto Instagram. Each person has their own take on the beloved songs. Everything from imitating Drake's dance moves — which, to be honest, were a little bit unorthodox — to pretending to be on the "other side" of Adele's phone calls, the videos just got funnier and funnier with time. Here's the ultimate breakdown.

"Hotline Bling" Parodies

The newest Drake "Hotline Bling" parody may take the cake. Dr. Brixx did a mashup between "Hotline Bling" and "Adam's Song" by Blink-182, and it's called, you guessed it, "Hotline Blink." On the surface that seems like it would never work, but it does. It absolutely does. The music blends almost seamlessly, and Drake's moves are still spot on.

The funniest parodies also came from people's interpretations of Drake's dance moves. Especially across social media platforms like Vine, where there were tons of videos with the hashtag #DanceLikeDrake. One in particular was done by Cameron Dallas, where he was, obviously, pretending to dance like Drake. Which, after seeing this Vine, should never be done.

This parody by Saturday Night Live is also hilariously done. It's all about Drake standing behind his moves, and claiming "lots of people dance like this." Including dads, teachers, and even Donald Trump.

"Hello" Parodies

Adele can do no wrong, and neither can every person doing a parody of the singer. The parodies that came from Adele's first single in four years were on point. Although the original video was beautiful, the lyrics are very open to their own comedic interpretation, and every single person nailed it. However, some were better than others, and one of the best was this parody that changes the lyrics of "Hello" to become a hilarious anthem about growing up and getting older.

When Billy Eichner and James Corden took on the song, they perfectly described what it feels like to be too old to trick or treat with your friends. The lyrics were changed to "Halloween from the outside," and there were smashed pumpkins. 'Nuff said.

Ellen DeGeneres told the audience of her show Ellen that the entire song was based on her. In this hilarious video, she finally explains what was happening on the other side of the phone. She also has an appearance by Drake and his "Hotline Bling" track. She always nails these hilarious parodies so flawlessly.

The Verdict

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Hotline Bling" by Drake has got to take the cake here. Although I love Adele and all of the parodies out there, it just doesn't get any better than the hysterical interpretations of Drake's dancing. There are too many great takes on his song for Adele to even hope to compare. Hopefully, he will give the world many more music videos that will provide just as many more outrageous parodies.