Single Guy Recreates His Sister's Family Photos With A Cat, Because Why Not

The Internet makes it hard for us to go through our lives without comparing ourselves to others — no matter how much you edit your feed to limit the amount of wedding or baby announcements you're exposed to, they'll find their way to you. So when a man recreated his twin sister's pictures with his cat, the Internet was like: hell yeah!

For 28-year-old twin Gordy Yates, the constant barrage of celebratory milestones coming from his sister's feed amounted to constant reminders that they're not in the same place. But rather than get too upset over it, after all Gordy is fine with where he is, he decide to have fun with the gap. Naturally, he decided to recreate his sister's photo feed and plaster it on the Internet for everyone to laugh with him. The recreated photos include some sweet high fashion borrowed frocks, and a cat borrowed from his local church, which he used as a stand-in child for the photos where his sister posed with her actual children.

The idea was inspired by their recent birthday — Gordy explains on his blog that his sister is a much better gift-giver and so this impromptu photo project was his idea of a creative solution to gift-giving. And while things like this tend to show up on the Internet, spread like wildfire and really only make you half-laugh as you absent-mindedly scroll through in on your phone as you're waking and distracted by a podcast, this is actually pretty funny.

No Baby? No Problem

A borrowed cat will do the trick for now...

Double The Sass

No photo was spared fro Gordy's humorous ode.

Werk It

How good is this?! Serious twinning here.


One day Gordy...

Images: Courtesy of Gordy Yates