The Most Searched Wines In America According To Wine.Net Might Surprise You — Especially If You Prefer White Over Red

I love a good Merlot. To quote the immortal words of that classic song we all know and love (don't pretend it isn't on your playlist), "Red, red wine, you make me feel so fine; you keep me rocking all of the time." And judging by Wine.Net's newest study on the most searched wines in every state, there are many people in this country who've adopted those UB40 lyrics as a life mantra. According to their findings, in fact, only six percent of the American population chooses white wine over red. Surprised? I sure was.

But first, methodology. In order to pinpoint what winos in each state spend the most time searching for, the team at Wine.Net analyzed 23 wine terms on Google Search Trends from 2004 to 2015. By doing so, they were able to determine which types of wines are most popular. Wine lovers of the world unite! If ever you needed to feel solidarity with the human race, consider this — fellow imbibers all over the map could very well be typing the exact same wine into their Google box as you at this very moment.

So, are you curious yet? Can't help but wonder how your favorite bottle stacks up to the competition?


Here's the breakdown of the top four favorite wines in every state. You can check out the full ranking after the jump.

1. Cabernet Sauvignon

This full-bodied red — which the researchers thoughtfully point out pairs well with umami flavors such as beef and mushrooms — dominated across the board. I'm not joking, you guys. It was the clear winner, with 37 of the 50 states searching for it more than any other type of vino. I personally find that this wine pairs well with steak and/or unrequited love.

2. Merlot

Holding the top spot in nine states and earning the title of second most searched wine is Merlot. The experts at Wine.Net recommend pairing this grape wine with lighter red meats, chicken, and heavier fish such as tuna and salmon. I recommend pairing it with Matt Bellassai.

3. Pinot Noir

Although Pinot Noir was the most searched wine in only one state (holla, Oregon!), I feel as though that number will surely rise as more people catch onto the brilliant pop culture phenomenon that is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Titus' original song-slash-music-video, "Peeno Noir."

4. Chardonnay

Coming in strong at fourth place is Chardonnay, the most searched for white wine of the bunch. In fact, it's the third most searched wine in California and is ultimately one of the world's most popular wines, according to the experts at Wine.Net. This type of wine has a soft, lush taste and pairs hella well with rich foods like lobster and butter.

And here's the best news — no matter which wine you're imbibing, it likely has health benefits. Studies show that drinking red wine decreases your risk for cardiovascular disease and could help you live longer, and new studies suggest white wine is just as good.

So pour yourself a glass and get your weekend off to a mellow (or full-bodies, depending on your preference) start. Here's how the top 20 most searched for wines stack up; head over to Wine.Net to see the full study.

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