Drake Teases OVO L.A. Flagship Store With “Hotline Bling” Remix — VIDEO

With just one day away from its grand opening, Drake teased OVO L.A.'s flagship store with a "Hotline Bling" remix video. The clip serves not only as a teaser commercial for the rapper's first OVO store in the U.S., but also as a short film featuring his latest hit. But if there's one thing to expect from the highly anticipated store opening, it's that we could probably buy a pair of Drake's pink OVO sweatsuit just like the one that he wears in the video.

Drake's line, named after his record label October's Very Own, began as a men's streetwear brand in Toronto. The label released the OVO women's capsule collection last month, which featured mostly comfortable, athleisure pieces such as track suits and leggings. The L.A. store will be the brand's first retail location outside of Drake's hometown. The "Hotline Bling" remix video showcases some of L.A.'s landmarks, including the Hollywood sign, the beaches of Malibu, and of course, the congested freeways.

While some have compared the OVO commercial to the intro of a horror movie, the stylized '80s vibe of the minute-and-27-seconds clip is as chill as it gets, with Drake and his female companion posing in front of their fairy-tale-like mansion and black Porsche. They take a drive through the streets, windy roads, and highways of L.A., before the video fades to the OVO store opening date (Dec. 5) and location (130 N. La Brea Ave).

But first, here's Drake in all his pink sweatsuit glory:

He rolls the window down like a boss, because who wouldn't if you had one of the most talked about music videos of 2015?

He stares into the sun for a few seconds, bathing in greatness.

He (maybe) wonders if it's time to get that Glitter Beard for the holidays.

Check out Drake's OVO L.A. commercial, featuring a remix of "Hotline Bling," below:

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