How To Rock A Glitter Beard This Holiday Season

by Marc Cuenco

For anyone who's looking to celebrate No-Shave November and the start of the holiday season all at once, the Glitter Beard trend is the answer. The Internet's latest facial hair craze finds bearded folks covering their bushy facial hair with the sparkly metallic particles used for art projects all over the world. And just like that, the man bun gets further shoved to the back of the line as far as hipster hair trends are concerned.

"The glitter beards are actually not that hard to pull off," YouTubers Brian and Johnathan (aka The Gay Beards) says. "It took a lot of attempts to get the proper glitter beards even though we've improved our glitter bearding [technique]." The duo then go through the step-by-step process of how to glitter beard, using beard oil to prep their facial hair (they also suggest hairspray as an alternative) and bottles of festive gold glitter. Earlier this year, artist Adriano Alarcon decorated his beard with materials like popcorn and plastic soldiers, but it didn't quite win social media over much like the Glitter Beard has.

However, The Gay Beards warned that after applying the glitter and then later removing it from your beard, these teeny-tiny specks of shimmery paper manage to stick to everything else. So, don't be surprised to constantly find glitter around your body, clothes, and all over your house for quite some time. According to the duo, "Every time we do glitter beard, we get a little bit nervous before we put it on because there's no going back... glitterally."

The Glitter Beard is a popular search on social media.

Fans have tried to recreate RuPaul's Drag Race season six contestant Milk's Glitter Beard.

Watch the Gay Beards show you how to Glitter Beard for the holidays below:


Image: YouTube