Festive Pajamas Perfect For Christmas Morning

Everyone who celebrates Christmas knows that Christmas morning is one of the coziest mornings of the year. Not only do you get to open presents with loved ones (hopefully by a fireside and picture-perfect Christmas tree) but you also get to hang out in your pajamas for hours and eat lots of cookies for breakfast. So, if you're planning on being in pajamas for most of the day, why not make them cute and festive? Christmas pajamas are the best — you should take advantage of them!

Sure, an old tee will do for most of your yearly sleeps, but sometimes it's nice to wear really adorable pajamas that match rather than pulling on sweats that are 10 years old. It's especially nice on Christmas morning, when there's the really big chance that your parents or your bae will pull out a camera and start snapping pictures.

There are tons of festive holiday options out there when it comes to cute sleepwear, so I've tried to make your search easier by finding some of the cutest ones. Whether you're doing Christmas morning with your significant other and trying to spice things up, or you want a class PJ style for presents with the family, there's something for everyone. Here are 20 magical Christmas pajamas you need.

1. A Christmas Onesie

Thermal Long Jane, $55 - $60, Victorias Secret

Why wear a two piece pajama set when you could wear a onesie? If there's any day of the year you can pretend you're a little kid again, it's Christmas morning — and a onesie is the perfect "outfit" for that attitude.

2. Santa Pants

Santa-Patterned Leggings, $20, Forever 21

Nothing says Christmas better than Santa faces all over your legs and butt! In all seriousness, I have these leggings from Forever 21, and they are ridiculously comfortable and soft and wonderful. They're not really PJs, so you can even pair them with sweaters and boots as an actual outfit.

3. Silk Pajama Set

Out From Under Patsy Pajama Pant, $59, Urban Outfitters | Top, $59, Urban Outfitters

Celebrate Christmas morning in style while wearing a luxurious silk pajama set that will make you feel super fancy. The maroon color is on point for the holiday season, too.

4. A Sleep Tee

The Angle Sleep Tee, $35, Victorias Secret

Maybe you hate being warm in bed and you want to wear something that's a little more... airy. But you don't want to be sexy because you're with your family and that's just weird. Go for a sleep shirt like this one. It's cute, it's festive, and hey... it might just describe the past year of your life.

5. Gingerbread Pajamas

Women's Holiday Gingerbread Pajamas, $20, Target

Oh, girl, slay in your gingerbread pajama set. Seriously though, this is adorable. You'll look like a life-size gingerbread cookies while you (hopefully) eat real gingerbread cookies.

6. Classic Ugly Christmas Sweater Pajamas

Women's Flannel Pajama Set, $33, Target

Doesn't this flannel set remind you of a classic ugly sweater that your grandma would give you? Except it's better because it's not a sweater, it's cozy pajamas you don't have to wear in public.

7. A Flirty Top

Graphic Waffle Knit Tee, $5, Old Navy

Spending Christmas morning with bae? Wear this flirty top that suggests you want to do more than just open presents together.

8. An Elf Quote Set

BP Undercover Holiday Sleep Set, $48, Nordstrom

Love the movie Elf? Love Santa? Both? Then you need this little sleep set. It's the perfect thing to wear literally all day long as you watch Elf five times in a row.

9. Elf Pajamas

Elf Pajama Set, $20, Target

Oh, hey, cutest pajamas ever. Look like Santa's little helper — er, no. That sounded dirty and weird and I didn't mean it that way. Let's forget it happened. Just get the PJs!

10. Naughty/Nice Pajamas

Wildfox Naughty/Nice Pajamas, $98, Nordstrom

If you feel like splurging on a set of pajamas, make it these Wildfox ones. They say "Naughty" on the front, and "Nice" on the butt, which feels very early-2000s, but is also kind of awesome. Pair this set with a robe and you're good to go.

11. Bah Humbug Set

Bah Humbug Pajama Set, $35, Etsy

If you're not really feeling the Christmas spirit, go for these pajamas. They express that you're not into the holiday cheer while still accepting that it's Christmas, you know?

12. A Festive Nightgown

Keep On The Sultry Side Nightgown, $40, Modcloth

Maybe you're spending Christmas morning with your significant other and you want it to be really special. In that case, you might want a slightly more sexy option than giant flannel pajamas. This silky nightgown is festive thanks to the bright red color, and super sexy without being annoyingly uncomfortable.

13. Naughty List Shorts Set

Adolescent Clothing Naughty List Cami and Shorts Set, $45, ASOS

Show off your wild side with this pajama tank and short set. Hey, if it's the truth, why bother trying to hide it with innocent pajamas?

14. A Rudolph Nightgown

Try It On For Disguise Nightgown, $25, Modcloth

The best thing about this nightgown isn't Rudolph's cute face on the front or the holiday color theme — it's the hood! It's perfect for pulling over your head and sneaking in some shut-eye if you're dealing with little kids who want to wake up super early.

15. A Holiday Robe

ASOS Curve Snowman Robe, $32, ASOS

If you don't want to buy new pajamas, buy a festive robe instead. This one is great because not only is it super cozy, but it's also more of a general winter theme, meaning it won't feel weird to wear when the holidays are over.

16. A Funky Christmas Tee

Cath Kidston Robot Night Pajama T-Shirt, $31, ASOS

Bored of all of these cliche Christmas options? Try this one. Yeah, it says "Merry Christmas," but it also features a robot holding a present, so it's a little bit more unique.

17. A New Years Sleep Shirt

Adolescent Clothing New Year Holidays Gift Nightshirt, $26, ASOS

Ready to skip past Christmas and get straight to 2016? Let everyone know you're all over that fresh start with this cozy and cute sleep tee.

18. Striped PJ Set

The Fireside Long Jane Pajama, $40, Victorias Secret

There's something undeniably Christmas-y about these striped pajamas, but they actually don't really have a holiday theme, so they're great all year long. These are kind of a classic.

19. A Jingle Bells Sleep Shirt

Adolescent Clothing Jingle Bells Nightshirt, $14, ASOS

Oh, I bet you weren't expecting this saying, huh? This is cute, flirty, and fun — perfect for a Christmas morning spent cuddling with bae.

20. What You Really Want For Christmas Nightshirt

Adolescent Clothing All I Want Nightshirt, $38, ASOS

Let's be honest: this is what you really want for Christmas. Why not put it on your shirt?

Images: Courtesy Brands