Stylish PJs Fit For An Adult Sleepover

Slumber parties as a kid were the best. They were filled with giggles, delicious snacks, and movies. Although adult sleepovers are similar to the slumber parties of our youth, pajamas for an adult sleepover are much more fun than the less mature versions. I don't know about you, but as a kid I had bigger things to think about than wearing matching pajamas to a slumber party. These things might have been: Planning how to sneak past my friend's parents to get us a midnight feast, what cool remark I would tell my friend to write to her crush on AIM, or policing my friends' eyeballs and making sure everyone was still awake in the wee hours.

As an adult it's difficult to know what to do for fun with your friends especially when it's cold outside, that doesn't cost too much money and doesn't center solely around drinking. Enter what is IMO one of the best activities you can host with your friends: Adult sleepovers. There are many reasons why adult sleepovers are superior to slumber parties of your childhood, including the addition of hilarious adult games like Cards Against Humanity, the chance to meet up with friends you didn't just see at school yesterday, and of course the involvement of booze. There are definitely similarities between adult sleepovers and sleepovers you went to as a kid which help keep the comforting, nostalgic vibe going strong.

However, something which will be different is you might want to wear fancier pajamas and if that's the case, dream on in these gorgeous PJs that would be perfect to take to your next adult slumber party.

1. The Classic Stripy Set

Striped Cotton Shirt PJ Set , $20, F orever21

Channel some androgynous vibes in a classic, two-piece striped set of PJs.

2. The Pretty Playsuit

Simply Yours Satin Shortie Playsuit, $26, Simply Be

Have the best of both worlds with a silky, satin finish and shorts to keep you cool on balmy evenings with this cute playsuit. This pretty style is available from sizes 8/10 to 28/30.

3. The Alluring All-In-One

Sheer Lace All-In-One, $15, T opshop

Make a stylish statement at an adult slumber party in this divine lace all-in-one.

4. The Purrfect Pair

Black Cat Pyjama Set, $50, E vans Usa

If you're a feline fan, salute your furry friends in a fleecy, cat faced top and some heart printed bottoms.

5. The Junk Food Lover's Set

Fry Again Later Sleep Top, $11, M od Cloth Fry Again Later Sleep Shorts, $24, M od Cloth

This pajama set is for all of the junk food lovers out there, which I'm guessing, is almost everyone. It's cute, comedic, and it's got a fast food print on it — what's not to like?

6. The Lace Trim PJs

Asos Curve Lace Trim Tank & Legging Set, $36, Asos

This slouchy set is super casual yet it has a pretty edge to it with a peach lace trim on the hemline of the top and along the ankles.

7. The World Map Pajamas

Naps and Atlases Pajama Set, $77, M odcloth

These PJs make a sweet pair for gals filled with wanderlust – they might even inspire your next trip by filling your dreams with wonderful destinations. This adventurous set is available in sizes XS to XL.

8. The Tomboy Romper

Out From Under Terry Romper, $69, U rban Outfitters

This romper will ensure you drift off in comfort.

9. The Mermaid Pajamas

Asos Curve Mermaid T-Shirt & Legging Pajama Set, $39, A sos

Mermaids are one of the most popular mythical creatures right now so jump on board this ship and flaunt a pair of super rad mermaid style pajamas.

10. The Silky Cami Set

Moonlit And Lovely Pajama Set, $15, M od Cloth

Wear this gorgeous, silky cami set between the sheets to a different kind of adult sleepover. Alternatively, make your BFFs swoon like the heart-eyed emoji at a girly adult slumber party.

11. The Dream House Set

Asos Dream House Photographic OverSized Tee & Short Pajama Set, $15, A sos

If you ever wished you lived in a full size Barbie Dream House or a replica of the Disney castle, these are the PJs for you. Your inner six year old will be super excited about these.

12. The Subtly Sexy Chemise

Lace Illusion Sleep Chemise, $32, Torrid

If you want to flaunt what your momma' gave you without going too risqué, try this lace panel chemise on for size.

13. The Cutesy Cloud Print Pajamas

Asos Duvet Day Cloud Print Tee & Legging Pajama Set, $25, Asos

This PJ set is just perfect for a slumber party with your BFFs and lounging around in the next day after devouring brunch. How can one say no to those delightful, smiling clouds?

14. The Festive Holiday Pajamas

Cath Kidston Holidays Pajama Sweater, $22, AsosCath Kidston Holidays Pajama Bottoms, $16, Asos

These would be the best pajamas to wear to a festive themed adult slumber party complete with your BFFs, eggnog, and your favorite holiday movies.

15. The Maxi Nightdress

Bonne Nuit Sleeveless Maxi Night Dress, $5, A dditionelle

A maxi nightdress is simply chic, especially when it's purple and comes with side slits.

Have a super adult slumber party in these dreamy PJs!

Images: Courtesy Brands