'The Tomorrow People': 4 Most Ridiculous Moments

Welcome back, Tomorrow People fans. After a long winter break hiatus, the show has returned, just like Stephen from his induced death state, with "The Citadel." So what came out of Stephen's on-purpose brush with death? His belief that his father is out there — and that he needs to find him — has been cemented. So, you know, that was explored… again.

The episode was also riddled with moments of sheer ridiculousness. Here are some of my personal favorites.

1. Stephen's Reaction to His Mom's New Boyfriend – and His Brother Luca's Reaction to that

After Stephen realizes that his mom has a boyfriend. He's not pleased about it and his little brother, Luca, calls him out on it. Then, this glorious exchange happens:

Stephen: I'm just thinking about dad. He could walk through that door any day.

Luca : Bro. Dad's been gone for a decade.

2. The Introduction of A.L.I.C.E.

Stephen tries to get his double agent on, yet again (because it's been going so well for him so far) and goes head-to-head with Ultra's A.I. snark machine A.L.I.C.E, which stands for Artificial Linguistic Intelligence Computer Entity. She should probably just be the plucky sidekick already, since she's the only "person" willing to call Stephen out on all of his Stephen-ness. She knows that he's lying instantly when he claims to have been given permission to access some secret Ultra files and locks him in the A.I. room until Uncle Jed arrives.

3. John Decides to Out Himself

Even though Cara warns him that it's a bad idea, John decides that he needs to tell the rest of the Tomorrow People about his "gift" (in case you forgot, that's his ability to kill). John is better than this. He knew it was secret-worthy, thus the years of keeping it a secret.

4. The TP Elect Cara Their New Leader

WTF, TP? Just, WTF.

Oh, and surprise, surprise, her first move as leader is to ignore John and endanger everyone.

I just can't. There are so many bad decisions. Until next week, Tomorrow People fans.

Image: The CW