"The Tomorrow People': John Kills Stephen

This week's episode of The Tomorrow People is called "Death's Door," and, no, the episode title doesn't refer to the series' fate. It might though, if TTP doesn't find its direction soon. The plot has been driven, of late, by one bad decision after another. At one point in the season, I had some firm ideas about how to fix things. Now, I'd settle for some things I'd like to never see in the show again.

The fall finale centered on Stephen's quest to get back to limbo to see his father and unlock the secrets he holds for the tomorrow people. Jedikiah's allegiances seemed to shift, thanks to his feelings for Morgan, his TP lover, and the truth about John's killer instinct came out. (He killed Stephen's father six years ago and has been leading the Tomorrow People ever since to try to cover it up.) The episode ended on John using his killing powers to put Stephen under and send him back to limbo and Stephen waking up in dramatic fashion to reveal the quest for the spring season: They have to find his father's body.

But back to those things I'd like to never see again in this show. With half a season under my belt, I feel confident in these seven options.

1. Stephen could stop playing a double agent. He's atrociously bad at it and I've been complaining about this plot point since the pilot. Now, as Ultra reveals more and more powerful players, Stephen's ability to deceive becomes less and less believable. Also, with Uncle Jed starting to play both sides, the TP now have a believable mole in the system, if Morgan can keep him on the side of good.

2. Cara and Stephen can stop being a secret. I'm done being Team John if the winning team gets Cara. She and Stephen might just be the most boring super people ever to grace the small screen. There was a sly smile shared between John and Astrid tonight. Let's get them together; it's a far more interesting pairing than either of them with their respective triangle options.

3. Jed can stop being evil. Jedikiah was kind of cartoonishly evil for a while. Now that Morgan is in the picture, we're seeing a more complex side of Uncle Jed. He's a complicated dude. His brother was the Chosen One of the Tomorrow People. Now his nephew is filling that space. His girlfriend is a TP. He's just an Average Joe. Let's delve into that a little more in the spring and drop him as the arch nemesis, please.

4. John can dump Cara. Even if he doesn't hook up with Astrid (which is totally illegal, but Cara and Stephen already proved the show has no regard for that aspect of reality), John needs to stop with the pining over Cara. She's in love with Stephen. She slept with Stephen. They have nothing in common and he can do a million percent better.

5. Cara and Stephen can develop a new super power: Personality generation. It will transform them instantly from the walking cardboard cutouts they currently are to well-rounded, interesting people with senses of humor and purpose in the world.

6. Ultra can step up its game. I know Ultra can't be too good at what it does (if it were, there series would be over already), but they could be a little better, too. Ultra has basically stopped posing a real threat to the Tomorrow People. Let's instill them with a new sense of urgency in the spring. Put Ultra under new co-management and make it count, CW.

7. Russell can stop being an idiot. Russell is suffering from a bad case of Eric Matthews Syndrome; with each episode, he seems to become dumber and dumber. If left untreated, he'll be reduced to almost mentally handicapped by Season 2.

So, what do you say Tomorrow People? Think we can avoid some of this nonsense in the spring? Probably not, but it's worth a try.

Image: The CW