What Does Kim & Kanye's Baby Boy's Zodiac Sign Say About Him? The Kid is Going To Be Fierce

America's most famous family just added a new bundle of joy. That's right, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's little boy has arrived and according to a post on Kardashian's official website, both mom and baby are doing well. Now that North West's little brother has arrived, it is time to start thinking about what his future holds (aside from adoring fans). While he doesn't have a name just yet, Kardashian-West baby number two's Zodiac sign is very telling. The little guy is a Sagittarius and according to the science of star-reading, being born on December 5 makes him unique even within his own sign.

The future is looking very bright for North West's little brother, and although he doesn't share a star sign with either of his parents (Kardashian is a Libra, while West is a Gemini), there is an excellent chance he will share their personality traits. According to his star sign, the Sagittarius born on December 5 is set to be fierce, passionate, and prone to speaking his mind. Sound familiar? Additionally, Sagittarius' are prone to serious cases of wanderlust, which should not be a problem for Kardashian and West's son since his family has plenty of reasons to travel. The latest Kardashian's elemental sign is fire, and it is pretty much a given that he will burn as bright as his mom and dad.

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This little man is destined to have a big personality, so the Kardashian-West crew should prepare for their latest bundle of joy to be a bit of handful in the best way possible. Not only are Sagittarius boys born with restless spirits, they also have boundless curiosity. There is a good chance he could be an intellectual with a strong interest in philosophy. Add in the Sagittarius' inability to not speak the truth, and you have a recipe for a kid who is going to love conversing with his extended Kardashian-West family while never backing down from his opinion. Raise your hand if you cannot wait to see the next generation of Keeping Up with the Kardashians now.

According to Cafe Astrology, Sagittarius boys have a "noble bearing" which is eerily perfect since his parents are basically American royalty, at least in the realm of pop culture. His future could include starting his own business, going into the entertainment field, or even becoming an educator — never underestimate the lure of learning on a Sagittarius.

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The best news of all is North and her brother are destined to get along if their star signs have anything to say about it. North is a Gemini just like her dad, and her playful nature will lead to her sharing plenty of adventures with her new little brother. Baby Kardashian-West will have to stay on guard though because in true Gemini (and let's face it, big sister) fashion, North could end up being a prankster and thanks to his trusting, intellectual nature, her little brother will be extra prone to falling for the old, "mom said we could fingerprint the walls" trick.

It's cool to know the littlest Kardashian-West is born under a sign full of energy, traveling, and soul-searching, but his larger than life leanings were written in the stars by his parents before his birthday was set in stone. This kid is going to conquer the world, and he has an amazing family by his side to make sure all his dreams come true.