11 Entertaining #Ham4Ham Performances, Because Waiting To See 'Hamilton' Is Almost As Good As Seeing It

What’s the best thing about not winning the Hamilton on Broadway lottery? Well, it’s probably the fact that you got to see an amazing performance, anyway. One that is totally free, to boot. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is responsible not only for Hamilton itself but who also plays Alexander Hamilton in the show, delivers incredible "Ham4Ham" performances for hopeful, waiting fans whether he’s directly involved in them or not. Like a Broadway Santa Claus.

The performances vary each time as do the performers, but one thing is always for certain, and it’s that no one is walking away from that theater front unhappy, even if they lost the chance to see the main event inside. The performances are all so fun and impressive, but undeniably, some are even more hyped and produce more audience-charged energy than others. Usually, that extra “oomph” is because he gets super talented Broadway friends to come and hang out and do a little side show work on their downtime. Not to overlook the fantastic efforts put in by cast members and the usual characters.It’s all truly spectacular, especially when they let their rampant creativity run free.

Here are 11 of the most entertaining #Ham4Ham performances thus far:

1. Spring Awakening Past & Present

msict on YouTube

So. Much. Fun.

2. When He Made Aladdin Dreams Came True

Howard Sherman on YouTube

Lin-Manuel, on behalf of every 90's child, thank you.

3. Um, The Outkast Covers

Howard Sherman on YouTube


4. Singing With Kelli O'Hara

Howard Sherman on YouTube

A true honor.

5. That Time Mickey Mouse Sang, "Defying Gravity" Sort Of...

msict on YouTube

Okieriete Onaodowan is a talented treasure.

6. Rapping With Jonathan Groff

Ilana Berman on YouTube

The best.

7. The Sing Along Contest

Howard Sherman on YouTube

I'm getting that same sort of anxiety for the participants like I do when I watch Chopped.

8. NYC Ballet Performance

BroadwayGirlNYC on YouTube


9. Lip-syncing Shenanigans

Howard Sherman on YouTube

No one should be allowed to have this much enjoyment at work.

10. Laura Benanti And Jared Grimes Killin' It

Howard Sherman on YouTube

It's all too much.

11. When The Cast Of On Your Feet Took Over

Howard Sherman on YouTube

Dancing on my couch.

Can’t wait to see what else Miranda has planned.