Donald Trump Live-Tweets Obama's Speech

In a completely predictable move, Donald Trump live-tweeted Obama's historic Oval Office speech on San Bernardino, ISIS, and terrorism on Sunday. The Republican presidential hopeful surprisingly provided very banal criticism of the president, a move that goes against what has become characteristic of his campaign. Trump has never been a fan of Obama's, and given that this Oval Office speech was only the president's third throughout his tenure, you'd think Trump would have unleashed his true snark.

Less than an hour before Obama gave his speech, Trump reminded his Twitter followers that he'd give his two cents on what is just Obama's third speech ever to be delivered from the Oval Office. And it wasn't the first time Trump willingly injected himself into the political conversation. Whether it's a Democratic debate or a random Tuesday morning, Trump has never been shy to let the world know exactly how he feels about Obama, the Democrats, immigration, taxes, ISIS, the Second Amendment. Yeah, the list just never stops.

On Sunday, Trump's tweets, for once, were on the lesser side. He promised to retweet his followers' "better, most imaginative and hopefully insightful tweets." And in the end, that's pretty much all he did.

And that was it. Obama's speech wrapped in 13 minutes or so, leaving poor Trump with no more material. Apparently, the whole speech was a little too fast for Trump's liking.

In case you weren't aware, that replacement, according to him, should come in the form of a President Trump.