How To Clean Dresses With Sequins To Keep Your Holiday Frocks On Point — PHOTOS

Happy holidays, fashion season! While there are a plethora of reasons to love this time of year, the ability to rock multiple layers, adorable cold weather accessories, and killer party dresses definitely put it at the top of my list of favorite holidays. However, because of the party season, how to clean dresses with sequins becomes a real problem. No one wants to damage that totally gorgeous dress they're saving for New Year's Eve. Let's be honest, one of the best times to rock those sequins is for the holiday season, and if you've got more than one party to attend, these tips are integral to keeping your holiday sequin game on point.

There are tons of myths about sequins. Whether it's that wearing them outside of holidays or special occasions is inappropriate or that plus size women can't rock the look, the truth is that sequins are a totally versatile and cool style that can be worn in multiple different ways. A little sparkle never hurt anyone after all. Whether it's a sequin skirt that you've paired down with a sweater or a full on dress of the sparkling material, you'll need to know how to clean sequins in order to keep your look fresh for each party you attend this season.

So let's run down how to clean dresses with sequins so you'll be fresh as a daisy, come NYE

Spot Clean

Cap-sleeve Sequin Dress, $198, J. Crew

Before you are tempted to throw your dress in the washing machine, think about spot cleaning if it's only got a small spill or other stain. Be sure to use a gentle detergent and don't rub to vigorous. You don't want to lose the element that makes your frock so special.

Hand Wash

Proper Glamour Dress, $340, Mod Cloth

Don't throw your sequin dress into the washing machine. Instead, hand wash the frock. It'll be a bit more work but totally worth it.

Turn The Dress Inside Out

Sequin Plunge Mini Dress, $82, ASOS Curve

The fabric is what you're really looking to clean when it comes to your sequin dress. Turn your frock inside out. Spare the delicate sequins and go straight for the fabric.

Use A Mild Detergent

Sequined Dress, $9, H&M

Don't opt for the harsh detergent you may use every day. Instead use a mild detergent when hand washing to protect your sequin dress but still get it clean.

Don't Rub At Stains

Studio Sequin Colorblock Dress, $130, Eloquii

Sequins are delicate, and rubbing at stains on a dress is going to cause snags and a loosening of the sequins. Delicately swish the dress in the detergent and water mixture. If a stain remains, use a washcloth to dab at the spot.

Don't Wring Out The Dress

Plus Size Velvet Tonal Sequin Dress, $38, Forever21

Don't damage the sequins on the dress by wringing it out with your hands. Instead, let the garment drip for a few moments over the sink or basin to get rid of excess water.

Lay Out To Dry

High Neck Sequin Dress, $115, TopShop

Don't throw your sequin dress in a dryer. Instead, after letting it drip dry, lay the frock flat on a towel and allow it to air dry.

With these tips in your back pocket, you'll be able to keep your holiday party look on point, and your clean sequin dress will be the talk of the party.

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