9 Headband Warmers To Keep Your Ears Toasty This Winter — PHOTOS

Winter has no chill — You basically need a full armor before stepping outside. A scarf, gloves, hood, and headband warmers are all necessary, if you want to survive the subzero weather. Oh, and when the wind hits? It's even colder, and it has absolutely no mercy. While winter is beautiful with the holiday spirit at an all time high, the cold weather can almost spoil it.

When it comes to keeping warm, it's all about the layers. A long sleeve, flannel, sweater, and jacket can do leagues above just a thick coat. And little things like gloves, hats, and scarves can go a long way. And if you're a New Yorker like I am, you're going to be doing a lot of walking. Plus, walking down Fifth Avenue to see all the store displays requires stamina when it comes to warmth.

Unfortunately, the warmest things tend to be the...frumpiest. So how exactly do you gain style and cozy points? Well, there are a few pieces that provide both. But it's all about fit and silhouette. Though, of course, there are those days when I say screw it, I'm wearing my snuggie out (full disclosure, I've worn a onesie under a coat and boots out before).

But perhaps one of the most important things to keep warm are your ears! For me personally, when my ears and head are cold, everything else is, too. And while hats keep me warm and fuzzy, I'm not a fan of hat hair either. So what's the alternative? Headband warmers, of course! Check out some of my favorites, below.

1. The Speckle

Divinity Earwarmer, $38, Lululemon

With a turtleneck and jacket like this? I'm feelin' warm inside already.

2. Faux Fur

Dennis Basso Faux Fur Head Warmer with Hook & Loop Closure, $34, QVC

Faux fur is the ultimate head warmer.

3. Stripes Galore

Strictly Stripes Headband, $40, Wool and The Gang

There's no better combination than black and white.

4. The Braid

Black Alpaca Braided Earwarmer, $48, Toms

Simple and black, this earwarmer goes with everything.

5. The Cozy Knit

Saks Fifth Avenue Marled Knit & Faux Fur Head Wrap, $48, Saks Off 5th

Love the royal blue color of this one, plus the cute little speckles.

6. The Ombre

Urban Outfitters Ombre Knit Ear Warmer, $20, Urban Outfitters

Must I say it again? Black and white always.

7. Pretty Snowflakes

Alpaca Snowflake Ear Warmer, $48, Shop Terrain

Why not get festive with these snowflake ear warmers?

8. The Mesh Headwrap

BCBGeneration Heart Mesh Headwrap, $24, Macys

Love the little hearts printed all over this one.

9. The Cashmere Wrap

rag & bone Alexis Cashmere Headband, $125, Nordstrom

This baby is pure cashmere. Your ears will thank you.

Though it's been mild lately, I have no doubt that the cold is going to sneak by and completely knock us over. Stand up for yourself, and say no more to the chill!