The 11 Cutest Warm Accessories

When it comes to winter fashion, the little things matter. Those mittens, socks and scarves are important this time of year, and since you can’t leave the house without them — they might as well be adorable, right? Check out the cutest winter accessories that are sure to keep you warm and looking good. You don’t have to reach for just any old beanie to keep your head protected from the cold. Instead, you can rock one with a big pom-pom on top instead because who says you have to sacrifice fashion in frigid temps?

From holiday themed gear to furry ear muffs, these winter accessories are far from tacky, but they’re certainly not plain and boring, either. Because when you wear the right ones, they’ll serve the purpose of keeping you warm, and you won’t be in a rush to shed them as soon as you step inside to save yourself from embarrassment.

Shop mittens, socks, headgear and more to make sure you’ve got all of your appendages covered, but still looking fabulous this winter. If a snow storm’s headed your way, you won’t care at all because you’ll be more than ready for it. Embrace the cold this season. This winter’s bound to be your most fashionable one yet.

1. Furry Mittens

Faux Fur Backed Mittens, $43, ASOS

Mitten might not be the most practical accessory, but these sure are warm and fuzzy.

2. Shearling Scarf

Wonderland Wrap Scarf, $68, Free People

This will surely be the softest scarf you've ever worn.

3. Cozy Socks

Christmas Star Hot Water Bottle & Socks, $21, ASOS

These socks come with a furry container to fill with warm water. So, get ready to get all snuggly.

4. Ear Muffs

Faux Fur Ear Muffs, $24, Express

Ear muffs are a nice alternative to a classic beanie.

5. Slippers

Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers, $40, ModCloth

Since these heat your feet when plugged into your laptop's USB port, they'll definitely keep your toes toasty.

6. Knee Socks

Marled Over-the-Knee Socks, $7, Forever 21

Because sometimes your socks need to be extra long to keep you feeling comy when it's cold out.

7. Beanie

Chunky Knit Bobble Beanie, $25, ASOS

See, a big pom-pom makes everything cuter.

8. Gloves

Second Layer Plush Glove, $18, Urban Outfitters

These golves have an added layer for extra heat. Just what you need.

9. Sweater Scarf

That's A Wrap Cowl Pocket Scarf, $68, Free People

A scarf that looks like a sweater and has pockets? Now, that's what I'm talking about.

10. Fur Hat

Faux Fur Trapper Hat, $49, Urban Outfitters

This hat is big, furry and kind of adorable.

11. Denim Slipper

Denim Slippers, $78, Free People

These denim slippers are not only warm and fuzzy, they're also super stylish on top of it.

Stay cute and cozy all winter long with these accessories.

Images: drew300/Unsplash; Courtesy Brands (11)