'Shadowhunters' Will Feature Your Favorite 'Ships From 'The Mortal Instruments' Including Malec, Sizzy, & Clace

Whenever a book, especially a YA novel, is adapted to a movie or television series, the first question fans ask is, how true will it stay to the book? The second is usually: will they get my favorite 'ship right? Well, if you're a fan of City of Bones, or the rest of Cassandra Claire's The Mortal Instruments series, you know there are a lot of 'ships to choose from. Now it seems many of those relationships will make it into the new ABC Family adaptation as Shadowhunters will feature a "core love octagon," according to Clary Fray herself (Katherine McNamara) on Beyond the Shadows: The Making of Shadowhunters.

Of course, at the center of the octagon is Clary and her attraction to Shadowhunter/bad boy type Jace Wayland, who go by the ship name Clace. But, things get more complicated because Clary's best friend Simon Lewis only has eyes for her, or so we think at first! When the Lightwood siblings, Isabelle and Alec, are introduced to the love octagon, Simon and Isabelle strike up a relationship of sorts, resulting in Sizzy, which may be the most fun of the Shadowhunters 'ship names. But, perhaps the most popular ship from The Mortal Instruments is between Alec and the grudgingly helpful warlock Magnus Bane, giving fans Malec.

As confirmed by Beyond the Shadows, these three 'ships will be featured in season 1 of Shadowhunters. Plus, a fun little (read: super important) tidbit, it seems episode 12 is titled "Malec." At least, that's what it appeared to be during a very brief shot from Beyond the Shadows. If the entire episode focuses on Alec and Magnus's relationship, I certainly won't be complaining, though I'm not sure how that would fit into the overall story of the season.

Still, between the romantic relationships, friendships, and not to mention the Parabatai bonds — two Shadowhunters who are bound by oath to fight side by side for life — there is plenty of drama to be had in Season 1. Of course, like many fans, I'm most looking forward to seeing my favorite 'ships play out on screen in Shadowhunters, so we better get ready for Clace, Sizzy, and Malec!

Images: Bob D’Amico/ABC Family; toxicmundane/Tumblr