Bill Nye Explains Dreams With Emoji & Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This — VIDEO

Remember when you were a little kid and your substitute teacher rolled in the television monitor on a wheelie thing as you were all, "YASSSSS yasss yass" because you just knew you were going to be watching Bill Nye The Science Guy? You probably thought you were never going to relive that excitement in adulthood, but think again: Bill Nye explains dreams using emoji in a video with Mashable, and it will make all your Nye Nostalgia so real that it hurts.

It's not even that the video explains things that we didn't already know. Most of us have heard the basics of typical dreaming — how you mostly dream in a REM, or rapid-eye movement state, where your eyes (gasp!) rapidly move under your eyelids while the rest of your body is generally paralyzed. You spend the rest of sleep in NREM, or non-rapid-eye movement. Then you spend the rest of your human life awake, or even in a special fourth state I like to call "Monday," when you are a particular brand of dead inside that cannot be captured by fancy science words.

Anyway, all of this is explained in typically perfect Nye fashion, except for the addition of one very crucial element: EMOJI. As a person who is only just becoming emoji literate, I heartily approve of this pairing; it's like learning another language by reading the subtitles while listening to a language you already understand. You might think that this might be a Frankenstein's monster combination of '90s pop culture and 2015 methods of communication, but you'd be wrong. It just works. Don't question the magic of scientific emoji.

This video does, of course, raise one question — if it's true that only 80 percent of us dream in color (and the rest in black and white), how many of us dream in emoji?

Also, I think we can all agree that Bill Nye and this emoji are at the very least distant cousins.

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This video proves that no matter how old we get, there is still an infinite amount of wisdom to learn from our old pal Bill Nye. Here's what you need to know about your emoji-tastic dreams:

Mashable Watercooler on YouTube

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