Lady Gaga & Chloe Sevigny Look Alike On 'AHS: Hotel' & There Has To Be A Reason

While it's true that most of us predicted John was the 10 Commandments Killer on AHS: Hotel , that doesn't mean there aren't still a ton of less obvious mysteries for us to solve. After all, we still have five whole episodes to get through before this season comes to a close, and if I know Ryan Murphy (which, thanks to my obsession with his shows, I kinda feel like I do), then the big reveals are only just getting started. I mean, just consider how little we still know about the majority of the AHS: Hotel characters. Sure, we've been able to piece together some information here and there, but the majority of these residents are still shrouded in mystery. Take the relationship between The Countess and Alex Lowe, for example.

I think we can all agree that these two characters look eerily similar, what with their fair features and overall physical appearance. (Not to mention their borderline-crazy love for children.) That can't just be a coincidence. Just like how all the men on AHS: Hotel look alike for a reason, there has to be an unknown explanation for why The Countess and Alex share so many almost-identical traits. And I think I've come up with an answer: I believe that The Countess and Alex are actually related.

Now, of course, the next logical question would be to ask how? How could this happen when we know that The Countess' son, Bartholomew, is currently residing in Room 33 as an everlasting infant. And I'll admit that's a fair point. The Countess certainly couldn't have any descendants from Bartholomew — but that's assuming he is the only child our vamp queen has ever had. Just because this particular baby was highlighted in The Countess' flashbacks, doesn't mean he's the only one in existence. She may have given birth to a child prior to being infected with the vamp virus, and that child went on to create a long and thriving bloodline.

Then again, maybe Gaga's character isn't the one who expanded the family tree. We also know very little about her biological relatives. There's a chance that she had brothers or sisters, thereby making Alex her great-great-great niece or something. The thing is we just don't know for sure one way or the other. But even Chloe Sevigny (who plays Alex) admitted to Yahoo earlier in the season that Alex and The Countess could potential share familial ties. "I could very well be related to her. Anything is possible in that world," she stated.

Speaking of which, Alex once mentioned her backstory, saying, "Mine was not a happy childhood." I'll be intrigued to find out what exactly happened to her that led to such unhappy memories. Perhaps The Countess purposefully lured Alex to the hotel, hoping to rectify whatever happened to her and make up for lost time. (Hence the gift of immortality.) Either way, I hope it's a relationship the series intends to explore. A twist like this could certainly help propel us into what's sure to be a bloodbath of a finale.

Images: Doug Hyun/FX; ahs-is-my-heroine/Tumblr; arrtpop/Tumblr; heathermyroomfriend/Tumblr