How Are Mr. March & Sally Connected On 'AHS: Hotel'? Their Arrangement Is Puzzling

Trying to figure out the trajectory of an American Horror Story season is a lot like trying to find that proverbial needle in a haystack. As much as we want to figure it all out, Ryan Murphy simply won't let us, and the mysteries surrounding AHS: Hotel are certainly no exception. I'm not just talking about who the 10 Commandments Killer may or may not be. That's just the tip of the terrifying iceberg of storylines we have yet to fully dive into. Take, for example, the strange relationship between Mr. March and Hypodermic Sally. Based on their brief encounter during October's Halloween-centric episode, we know that they've come up with some sort of arrangement with each other. (Sally provides him with victims and he leaves her alone.) But we still have no idea what inspired this agreement in the first place — or if there's more to this deal than meets the eye.

One could assume that March strikes agrees with all the ghosts and supernatural entities that reside within the Cortez. (It is his hotel after all.) So maybe Sally is simply paying her dues, much like how a tenant gives rent money to a landlord each month. (I don't even want to think about the repercussions that would come with asking for an extension.) However, considering that the synopsis for this week's episode, titled "The Ten Commandments Killer," states that "Sally details her arrangement with March," I'm thinking that this twisted deal is part of a larger picture to this story.

We know that Iris was the one who killed Sally by throwing her out of the hotel window, but aside from that, we've been given very little information as to what Sally has been doing with herself since she became such a permanent Cortez fixture. Did she perhaps have a fling with March that ended badly? We know how jealous he can get (like trapping his wife's lovers inside a secret room for decades), so if Sally called it off, it would make sense that he'd expect some sort of price to be paid for the betrayal. Or is it possible that March is the Addiction Demon we've seen lurking around and the only reason he doesn't attack Sally is because she agrees to do his bidding from time to time?

The promo shows them having a pretty heated discussion, though the precise details surrounding their chat remain a bit of a mystery. But considering how little we've seen these two characters interact up to this point, I think this will serve as a fruitful piece of insight into what makes them tick. Let's not forget that there's a fine line between love and hate.

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Granted, when it comes to a series like this, the possibilities of how this relationship came to be are endless, making it kind of hard to predict the outcome of whatever "unfinished business" they may have. But there is one thing I do know for sure — anything that involves giving Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson more screen time together is something we should all be very thankful for. Their characters may be immortal enemies at this point, but as actors they both play off of each other so well. So personally, I can't wait to see how this mysterious dynamic unfolds. Rest assured, though, it will make for a bloody good time.

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