9 Taylor Swift Music Video Style Moments That Everyone Should Appreciate

Taylor Swift has had quite the year, hasn't she? From the release of "Blank Space" (which, OK, was actually a little bit over a year ago), to current chart-topper "Wildest Dreams," 1989 has created quite the maelstrom of success — so it's no wonder Taylor Swift picked up seven Grammy nominations this year.

Along with all of her awards nods, though, one of her most notable accomplishments has got to be her collection of high-production value music videos and the insane fashion style moments that each of them highlights. From "Blank Space" to "Bad Blood," she produced her fair share of ultra-buzzworthy videos (though whether or not some of those videos may or may not have gotten snubbed at the Grammys is another story entirely).

Suffice it to say, Taylor starred in some truly fabulous vids over the past year or so — and you know what all of those videos have in common? Taylor's own brand of retro-stylish flair — so with that in mind, why not celebrate her whopping seven Grammy nominations with a look back at some of her most fashionable 1989 music video moments?

The Mid-Century Glam in "Wildest Dreams"

"Wildest Dreams" was not without its controversy, but still: Taylor can seriously rock the whole Liz Taylor look.

This Leopard Print Ensemble from "Blank Space"

We should all wear all leopard print, all the time (and pose crying next to stuffed deer, for that matter).

The Nude Bustier from "Bad Blood"

Taylor and her famed girlsquad wore a lot of awesome outfits throughout "Bad Blood" (fun fact: Most were borrowed from a sex shop!), but this latex bustier from the intro is definitely one of the coolest.

This Gold Frock from "Blank Space"

You can never go wrong with Oscar de la Renta, my friends.

This Floral Gown from "Blank Space"

Ditto flower-covered Reem Acra.

This Fur Stole from "Wildest Dreams"

Dude, why don't more celebs wear oversized fur stoles to their red carpet premieres?

These White Separates from "Style"

Taylor wore a whole slew of all white ensembles in "Style," and these scorching separates were among the best.

This Black Lace Gown from "Blank Space"

LBR, "Blank Space" had enough red carpet-worthy gowns in it to power a small sun.

This Romantic Lacy Number from "Style"

Absolutely stunning.

Images: TaylorSwiftVEVO/Youtube (9)