What Happens When You Go Outside With Wet Hair?

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With winter only a few days away, it's time to start thinking about how your beauty routine is going to change when the colder weather comes. If you're a fan of the lazy girl "wash and go" hair ritual, then you might be wondering: What happens when you go outside with wet hair in the winter? It turns out, getting a cold is the least of your worries.

Apparently, you can stop listening to grandma, because going outside with wet hair isn't going to get you sick. But that doesn't mean it's OK to walk out of your house with damp locks, because there's something even bigger you have to worry about — the health of your hair. Moisture in your hair combined with the cold hair can cause damage or dryness, which of course, you want to avoid, but that isn't even the scariest part.

If you step out in the cold with wet hair, your hair can freeze, becoming less pliable, and if it's really cold outside, then your hair can actually break off. Gulp.

Breakage is definitely not worth the extra time you save by skipping the drying phase, so here are some tips to help you avoid walking out with wet hair in the winter.

1. Blow Dry Your Hair

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It's obvious, but the best way to make sure your hair is completely dry is to blow dry it.

2. Towel-Dry Thoroughly

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If you don't want to wake up earlier, or you don't like using heat on your hair, make sure you towel-dry your hair thoroughly and get as much moisture out as possible. If you're on the market for a microfiber towel that'll help absorb wetness from your hair quicker, consider shopping one from Aquis.

3. Wash It The Night Before And Sleep On It

Your hair will still be clean in the morning, and you can sleep in!

4. Soak Up The Water

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Paper towels can help absorb a crazy amount of water from your hair if you blot it with a few sheets.

5. Put On A Hat

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If you have to go out with damp hair, wrap it all up inside a hat. And then put a hood up for good measure.

6. Diffuse

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If the reason you air-dry is because you prefer texture and waves, then braid your hair and diffuse for a more natural look.

7. Wash Less Often

Winter will dry your hair out as it is, so try going more time between washes to let your hairs natural oil repair it. These tips will help you go a week without washing your hair, so you can wash when you actually have the time to sit inside and let it dry.

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